UFC 145 Results: Is Rory MacDonald Ready for a Title Shot?

Levi Nile@@levinileContributor IIIApril 22, 2012


With all the talk of fighters fighting their training partners now sitting front and center thanks to the bad-blood match between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, it is only natural that the question begins to focus on other fighters in similar situations.

After his dominating performance over Che Mills, everyone is talking about Rory MacDonald, and with good reason.

He's young, passionate, highly skilled and enjoys the same kind of reach advantage in the welterweight division that Jones enjoys at light heavyweight.

And he's also in the same camp as current UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre.

MacDonald has said he would never fight GSP, but the truth is fighters fight who they are paid to fight, and should MacDonald and GSP continue on their winning ways, they are going to end up facing each other across the Octagon.

It isn't about disrespect or arrogance, it's about inevitability.

But the real question is whether or not MacDonald is ready for a title shot right now.

There are some (a growing number, to be sure) who think that his height and reach advantage would make him the perfect foil for the current welterweight champion, and they may not be wrong.

But chances are, right now they are.

MacDonald still has some polishing to do, and just as GSP himself was not ready for that first title shot against Matt Hughes at UFC 50, MacDonald is not quite ready for a shot and the belt against GSP.

Odds are, this is a conversation that is being discussed in the Tristar gym. No one likes to be surprised by such situations, and the fact is, circumstance could end up putting MacDonald in a title shot far sooner than anyone expects.

All it takes is for the next challenger to be injured, and MacDonald could get the call, especially when you consider he is usually injury free after his bouts.

In the end, the fight game is about taking chances when they are afforded to you and making them when they are not. MacDonald shouldn't pass on the chance should it come his way, but he shouldn't expect it either.

As good as he is, fighting for a full five rounds against a fighter with GSP's strength, timing, experience and wrestling ability is a daunting task. Much of this talk will either be put on the table or stowed away in the desk drawer depending on how GSP fairs against Carlos Condit.

Condit and MacDonald had a great fight that saw MacDonald winning most of the time, only to lose when Condit managed to get a single moment of advantage, pressing it home for a stoppage victory.

Should GSP run all over Condit, then talk of a MacDonald title shot will be stuck in many a back pocket for a while, and that is fine.

Should GSP struggle with Condit or lose, then MacDonald is going to be on the fast track toward his chance at 25 minutes of fame, and possibly more.

Until then, we should all just let him enjoy his current victory, and be happy that he found the sport at a young enough age that we should be able to watch him fight for many years to come.