Christian Cage: Missing From Royal Rumble?

Joe DohertyContributor IJanuary 25, 2009

I have heard rumors that Christian Cage is not backstage ahead of tonight’s Royal Rumble, coming from

For weeks, there have been rumors that Cage would be making his WWE return at the Royal Rumble. After speaking with a source that is currently backstage at the Joe Louis Arena, there is no sign of Cage. The rest of the WWE crew has been at the arena for hours already and unless he's hiding under the ring or at an undisclosed location, his return may not occur tonight.

That being said, there is a rumor going around that Matt Hardy will turn heel on his brother Jeff tonight. If that does happen, expect for Matt to be the person behind the ongoing "Who attacked Jeff Hardy" storyline. I exclusively reported this about a month ago on WZR Radio but I was never able to confirm it.

After the Survivor Series beat down, the roadside hit-and-run and last week's pyro accident on SmackDown, it looks like WWE could be building towards a Matt Hardy versus Jeff Hardy showdown at Wrestlemania XXV.

I can also confirm to you that the Royal Rumble “under-card” was completely re-written as of last Thursday. They edited SmackDown heavily and had the announcers re-do a ton of stuff involving Triple H.

What do you guys think? I thought of this a few weeks ago. Some of you may remember myself and others saying Matt could take Christian's place in this storyline.