Rob Van Dam To Shock Millions At Royal Rumble?

David LloydCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

Reports are flying around the Internet that Rob Van Dam is backstage at the Royal Rumble, which is being held in his home state of Michigan.

Word also has it that RVD will be entered in the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match.  If these reports are true, expect the fans in the arena as well as the millions watching at home to go absolutely nuts.

Excluding his match against Santino Marella, which lasted less than a minute, RVD was in the midst of a heated rivalry with Randy Orton the last time he appeared in the WWE.  This could make for an epic encounter tonight at the Royal Rumble.  RVD received a concussion from Orton, and the two squared off in a stretcher match at “No Way Out.”  If RVD does makes an appearance tonight, hopefully these two will get a chance to be in the ring at the same time.

This also raises another important question—will this be the comeback for RVD or a one-time appearance for his hometown fans?

Rob Van Dam's debut in the WWE during the “Invasion” was the one I was most excited for.  He helped make ECW what it was and has all the skills of a fantastic wrestler.  He is arguably the greatest high-flier the WWE has ever seen, with Jeff Hardy being the other side of the argument.

These reports have me more hyped up for the Royal Rumble than ever before.  Hopefully, they’ll come to fruition.