5 Reasons Why Case Keenum Will Succeed in the Pros

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 22, 2012

5 Reasons Why Case Keenum Will Succeed in the Pros

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    You cannot throw for the yardage that Case Keenum did at Houston and not get a sniff from scouts in the NFL.

    While not everyone succeeds after having illustrious careers like Keenum did, it seems scouts in the NFL are willing to take a chance on good passers who win.

    That is the name of the game in the NFL, isn't it?

    While Houston is not the "hotbed" for passers to make long careers out of the NFL, they have had some come through with a modicum of success.

    Is Keenum a different breed of player? Is he built for the NFL punishment? Can he stand and deliver? Those are questions still to be answered. In the meantime, here are some reasons why he could be a success at the next level.

He Will Dispell the Myths About Houston Quarterbacks

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    Ander Ware won a Heisman. David Klinger tore up the college ranks.

    Both had less-than-stellar NFL careers.

    Does Keenum's drive and passion trump them?

    While he may not be as tall as his two alums, his passion may be just as great, if not better.

You Don't Throw for Those Kinds of Yards and Not Have Potential

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    Regardless of the offense, putting up sick numbers is something Houston quarterbacks do for a living in college.

    And if you throw for those passing yards and rely on a system to make you look like Johnny Unitas, then so be it. But it also means you have some capability to make it all happen.

    System or no system, Keenum has to be doing something right.

Teams Are Always Looking for a Gunslinger

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    Don't fool yourself; the NFL loved Brett Favre.

    The gunsliger put the ball all over the field. And passer who throw for 4,000-5,000 yards and throw 30-40 touchdowns do the same thing.

    While Keenum is no Favre, he can still fire the ball all over the field.

Height Isnt Everything

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    He is 6'1" and 208 and resembles Drew Brees in size.

    That is where the comparisons stop.

    But how tall a quarterback is can be a big advantage, but is not the only factor in determining how well he will play at the next level. Skills and heart play a huge role in that as well.

He Is a Pretty Accurate Passer in the Short Passing Game

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    Teams looking for a guy to run your West Coast offense could fall in love with him.

    He finds the open receiver across the middle. He can move around in the pocket and look off receivers down field, and he can fire the ball on the run.

    Keenum is more than an anomaly. He can play at the next level. And while me may not be able to see over all the defenders on the field, his arm and accuracy could prove to take him a long way in this league.

    Remember, Coy Detmer had a decent career in this league.