WWE: Why John Laurinaitis Is the Perfect Foil for John Cena

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 25, 2012

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com

Besides having the first name John and two of the more square-shaped heads in the industry, there is not a lot John Cena and John Laurinaitis have in common.

They both make their living in the wrestling industry, but that is where the similarities end. Cena is a powerhouse who likes to portray the good guy and Laurinaitis is the bad guy who thinks he is God's gift to wrestling.

They really are the perfect pair, aren't they?

When John Laurinaitis was first brought on board to be the on-screen heel representing management, I did not much care for the former Dynamic Dude.

He was nervous and seemed to have little to no interest in being there. Over just a few months, Laurinaitis went from being someone who made me cringe to being someone who actually entertains me more than half the wrestlers on the roster.

It might be that his awkwardness or dry humor makes him entertaining, but I think that whatever it is that works for him, he knows what it is and he uses it to his fullest advantage.

I have grown to like John Laurinaitis as a heel more and more over time. He can be very funny at times and also very vindictive. I am not saying he is anywhere near the level Vince McMahon was on when he was in front of the camera, but he is doing well on his own.

With John Laurinaitis being good at attracting heat, it makes him the perfect person to be going against John Cena. Simply by being the one fans like less, he could help Cena garner some support.

If I have learned anything it is that if someone is having trouble getting over, pairing them with someone who is over as a heel might just do the trick.

Cena is not really having trouble getting over—he has been over with the fans for years—but he has lost the support of many people who used to cheer for him, and JL might be just the trick to get those fans back.

I realize that many of the people who boo Cena do it regardless of how they feel about the person he is facing, but putting Cena in a sympathetic light may work for a few of them.

John Laurinaitis is also being credited on screen as the man who brought in Brock Lesnar to take out John Cena. Even though Lesnar got the bigger pop the first few weeks, I think we are beginning to see some negative responses to him.

This past Monday on Raw, Brock did not get a lot of support from the crowd even though they were not behind Cena, either.

At Extreme Rules, it will be interesting to see who gets the bigger face reaction—the actual baby face or the guy who literally just said in a WWE video package that he doesn't care about the fans.

John Laurinaitis has all the tools to be a great heel boss and with Cena being hot and cold with the crowd on any given day, Laurinaitis could be just what Cena needs to bring a few fans back.

What do you think—will John Laurinaitis help Cena get back some fans?