UFC 145 Results: What We Learned from Maximo Blanco vs. Marcus Brimage

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IApril 21, 2012

Pictured: Marcus Brimage. Photo courtesy of Stek.org
Pictured: Marcus Brimage. Photo courtesy of Stek.org

Featherweights Marcus Brimage and Maximo Blanco got things started at UFC 145, putting on a methodical three-round striking war.

Though the fight was quite close, it was Brimage who walked away with a split-decision victory.

After the bout and before the results were announced, both competitors seemed dissatisfied with how the fight had gone and attempted to place blame on each other.


What we'll remember about this fight:

The post-fight shenanigans.

After the fight, Brimage did a cartwheel into a back flip and, in doing so, almost ran into Blanco.

In response, Blanco also did a cartwheel and a back flip.

What followed was both men doing flips, trying to upstage each other. It was an amusing affair, and surprising as well that the two men had parallel gymnastic abilities.


What we learned about Maximo Blanco:

He made the right move by dropping to the featherweight division.

This was Blanco's first fight at 145 lbs. and he looked good. It didn't look like he had struggled at all with weight cut and he had no cardio issues during the fight.


What we learned about Marcus Brimage:

He has improved since his time on The Ultimate Fighter.

Brimage appeared on TUF: Team Miller vs. Team Bisping. He fought his way into the house, but did not progress from there, losing to Bryan Caraway.

This was Brimage's first fight in the UFC since his TUF appearance and it was the best he has looked so far.


What's next for Maximo Blanco:

Max Holloway or Pat Schilling.


What's next for Marcus Brimage:

Issei Tamura or Diego Brandao.

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