UFC 145: Why Michael McDonald Will Continue His Rise Against Miguel Torres

Dale De SouzaAnalyst IJune 26, 2016

Michael "Mayday" McDonald has made a lot of noise in such a short time, and the scary thing about the 21-year-old's rise is not just that it's come in a short time, but that it's come within only one year. In that time, he's turned heads in a "Fight of The Night" bonus-winning debut victory over Edwin Figueroa, he's gone to a split decision in a victory with Chris Cariaso, and he's scored a clean knockout win against Alex Soto in a fight which saw McDonald earn a "Knockout of The Night" bonus.

Truthfully, his 3-0 run is comprised of wins over young prospects, but he's been game in every single performance, and in only his fourth UFC career fight, he draws former WEC Bantamweight champion Miguel Angel Torres in what might be a lock for "Fight of The Night." It's certainly amazing how the kid has racked up two UFC bonuses in a perfect 3-0 run with the promotion, but what does he need to do to avoid being out-grappled and/or submitted on the ground, or even picked apart on the feet by Torres? Sure, McDonald shows promise and has looked like the type of fighter who could impress against Torres so far, but there's a difference between looking like he'll impress against Torres and actually impressing against Torres.

One thing McDonald may have on Torres is his quickness, which could effectively cause Torres problems because Torres has never had to deal with a dude who sets the pace that McDonald likes to set. On the feet and on the ground, the BJJ brown belt is an intelligent sort who knows what Torres can do on the ground with his Jiu-Jitsu and on the feet with his reach, so he will have to remain prepared for that, and he will have to force Torres to come up with a game plan as he's going by making. It's hard to tell if Torres will want to be the aggressor early, but McDonald is developing enough as a fighter to where he can hold his own as the aggressor and as the counter-puncher in any kind of action, so regardless of what Torres wants to do on the feet, he will have a hard time trying to pick McDonald apart on the feet as long as McDonald uses his speed, his quickness and every tool in his repertoire.

In reality, whatever McDonald and his camp feel they need to do in order to make it a short night against Torres is what they will do, so we can't be sure that Torres will have to dig deep and pull out a comeback in order to knock McDonald out or submit him, but what we can be sure of is that if McDonald can make the former WEC champ fiight McDonald's fight, it'll further McDonald's standing in the bantamweight division and it will only prove a matter of time before thoughts of McDonald becoming one of the top bantamweights in the world start to sound a little less premature, a lot less ridiculous, and a lot more close to certain than they may sound at this time.