Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Video: Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's Epic El Clásico Goal

Austin GreenCorrespondent IApril 21, 2012

Look up "filthy" in the dictionary, and you should see a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo.

You won't, because the people at Webster's lack creativity and proper soccer appreciation. However, they may want to consider a reprint after Ronaldo's beautifully controlled strike at El Clásico.

Shortly after Barcelona equalized, Mesut Özil delivered a perfect pass to a streaking Ronaldo. From there, the crafty midfielder and his golden right foot did the rest.

Ronaldo took a perfect touch as he entered the box, luring Barça keeper Victor Valdez from his post. Then, he unleashed a half soft chip shot, half precision missile into the back of the net.

It wasn't the best goal of Ronaldo's career, or even the best we've seen from him this month (click here and brace yourself for some amazing commentary). But while it may have seemed fairly routine, it was quite astounding given the circumstances.

The goal came almost immediately after Alexis Sanchez tied the score at one in the 70th minute. It sealed the win for Madrid, giving them a seven-point lead in the standings over their La Liga rivals.

The play also served as an emphatic reminder that Ronaldo is still as dangerous as any player in the world. With Lionel Messi shattering records and raking in awards, Ronaldo is no longer the sport's consensus top player.

But in a high stakes showdown with Messi and Barca, Ronaldo was clutch. He put his team on his shoulders and carried them to an important win.

Next up, Madrid has a Champions League meeting with Bayern Munich on Wednesday. Until then, feel free to watch this sweet goal over and over and over again.