NBA Rumors: Pursuing Kevin Garnett Will Kill the New Jersey Nets

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NBA Rumors: Pursuing Kevin Garnett Will Kill the New Jersey Nets
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The New Jersey Nets will have quite a bit of money to spend on free agents during the upcoming offseason. While most of the hub around them has revolved around attempts at landing Dwight Howard, reports are now surfacing that the Nets will also pursue Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett in free agency.

According to NBC Sports, the Nets are seriously considering making a run at Garnett in an effort to boost the starpower of their team for their move to Brooklyn. This would be a massive mistake on the part of the Nets. Garnett is not the right player to help this franchise get back to where it needs to be.

Old and Young

Garnett is no spring chicken in his NBA career. He is still a valuable contributor and would be on any team that he chose, but he isn’t the type of guy you get to build for the future. The cold, hard truth is that Garnett will probably be retired before that future ever comes about.

The Nets need to build a roster around younger talent. Just going out and getting Garnett because he is a recognizable name is not the right way to make your team a contender in the years to come.

Getting younger talent, like a Roy Hibbert or even Howard, makes much more sense for the Nets, who already have some pretty good young players to work with in MarShon Brooks, Brook Lopez, Gerald Green and Kris Humphries. Garnett just wouldn’t work in that mix.

Not Enough Alone

Garnett alone will not make this team much better next year or in the coming years. If the Nets were to land Howard and Garnett together then we are talking about a potentially dangerous playoff team.

However, nabbing Garnett alone isn’t good enough because he doesn’t do enough at this stage of his career. His main contribution right now is defense, which is something the Nets need but isn’t all they need. The mere addition of Garnett won’t be enough to help the Nets win on the court.

Chris Chambers/Getty Images
The addition of Kevin Garnett won't be enough to keep Deron Williams in Brooklyn.

It also won’t be enough to help them win off the court by keeping Deron Williams in town. Williams wants to go somewhere where he can play with other great players and win a championship. Garnett was once that caliber of player, but he isn’t any longer. The addition of Garnett will not be enough to keep Williams in town.

The Price Tag

First of all, with the cap space the Nets have cleared, they can easily afford to pay Garnett whatever the market demands. However, is that really the wise option?

Garnett could easily demand over $12 million per year on the open market just based on reputation alone. There is no way he’s really worth that amount. That doesn’t mean I can’t see the Nets paying him that, especially since it seems like just the bone-headed move the Nets always pull.

The bottom line is that Garnett is not worth what they’ll have to pay him. Think about it, what reason could Garnett possibly have for signing with New Jersey, especially if the Nets don’t get another star? The answer is money, and wasting it on the aging Garnett is not a good move for the future of this team.

Ultimately, Garnett will not help this team enough for the price that he will demand. The Nets are better off finding cheaper, younger players that can grow together to form a future contender.

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