Demba Ba: Outlining What Makes the Newcastle United Striker so Effective

Ciaran Gowan@@CiaranGowanContributor IIIApril 25, 2012

Demba Ba: Outlining What Makes the Newcastle United Striker so Effective

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    In a season with tons of positive and captivating storylines for Newcastle United, it has to be said that the continued rise of Demba Ba is amongst the best.

    The French-born Senegal international has made a huge imprint on the Premier League this season with his 16 goals, as well as being influential in Newcastle's run for European football.

    But what exactly is it that makes Demba Ba so good?

    How does he score so many goals—and what exactly is it that makes him tick?

    With the following article, I'm going to answer all three questions for you and hopefully give a bigger insight into what has shaped the performance of the Premier League's signing of the season.


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    It's a basic skill that any successful sportsman needs, but Demba Ba's teamwork and his willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater cause is the first of the main factors that make him so great.

    Ba was happy to sit on the bench for the opening few games of the season, patiently waiting for his chance to shine whilst others got their first shot of success—and shine he did.

    But despite the prolific effort that followed over the next few months, Ba has now been asked once again to sacrifice for the team—this time by playing out of his natural position to make way for new No. 9 and international teammate Papiss Cisse.

    A lot of players would react very badly to this, but Ba understands that a sacrifice like this will give him and his team a chance to strut their stuff in the Champions League next season.

    This positive attitude to everything that is asked of him really makes him stand out from the stereotypical prima donna that is a modern footballer. 


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    Just looking at Demba Ba, you can really see that he genuinely belongs out on the pitch with some of the best athletes in the world.

    Strength, speed and agility are just three of Ba's most useful attributes, and each and every one of his goals has benefited from these physical features.

    Not only that, but Ba's endurance in avoiding injuries is also notable, especially considering that a certain manager decided not to sign him because of his supposed knee issues.

Universally Compatible Skill Set

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    Demba Ba has been successful for every single team, league or country that he's played in, and it's simply because his skill set is so compatible with almost every style of football.

    So often we see players who can do fantastic in one league or for one team, then falter once transferred out of their comfort zone.

    However, Ba just has the ability to score no matter what the surrounding. 

    With a career goal total of 90 in 177 games in France, Germany and England, Ba is just a natural goal scorer and this is evident wherever he goes.

Underdog Status

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    Wherever Ba has been—be that Hoffenheim, West Ham or Newcastle—the striker has always relished the "underdog" label that both he and his teams have had.

    At Hoffenheim, Ba was part of the remarkable 2009-10 season, whereby his newly promoted side finished an astonishing seventh, having led the entire Bundesliga by the Christmas break.

    Despite playing on a rare "pay-as-you-play" contract at West Ham, Ba was still able to turn some heads during his time in East London, and that's what eventually kept him in the Premier League when the club was relegated.

    And we all know by now how—against all odds—he and Newcastle have found a way into the top four at this point in the season.

A Genuine Love of the Game

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    Rarely do you see a football player who enjoys every single minute of a 90-minute match, but Demba Ba is one of them.

    Ba plays the game in the right way, always with a smile on his face, and always understanding how lucky he is to have the career he always dreamed of.

    Money doesn't appear to be a particular issue for Ba either: He just wants to play amongst the best players possible.

    This is why he left West Ham for Newcastle last year, despite the prospect of a £50,000-a-week salary in the Championship.

    Ba's love for football even results in what looks like sulking on the bench when substituted, but Ba assures fans that it's just a result of his craving of a full 90 minutes.

Strawberry Syrup

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    As you can see from the embedded video, strawberry syrup is a pretty important part of Demba Ba's life.

    It's hard to find a genuine causative link between strawberry syrup and scoring goals, but Ba is a shining example of what the delicacy can do for you.

    There's no wonder that Ba has kept his love for syrup a secret for so long—he simply didn't want other players to latch on.

    But now that Geoff Shreeves has exposed the hitman's secret, it won't be too long before we start seeing lesser players replicating the form of the prolific striker. 

    Obviously fellow strike partner Papiss Cisse doesn't stray too far away from the strawberry syrup either. He's threatening to catch Ba's goal tally, with 11 of his own in just 10 games.