Beast Mode: How Many Records Will Matt Kemp Shatter If He Keeps Up This Pace?

Michael Nargi@NargOnSportsSenior Analyst IApril 21, 2012

Matt Kemp is taking Major League Baseball by storm in 2012.
Matt Kemp is taking Major League Baseball by storm in 2012.Harry How/Getty Images

After Matt Kemp came in second to Ryan Braun for the 2011 MVP award, he told reporters, "I'm telling you, y'all created a monster."

This season, after 14 games, Kemp is putting up numbers that might be hard to fathom even in video games. If he can continue at his current pace, he has a realistic chance to hit .400. Since we are only 14 games into a 162-game season, the numbers may not be completely representative.

But, what would Kemp's numbers look like if they were projected over the length of an entire season?

Well, let's just say he would break more than a few records.

In 14 games this season Kemp has hit four doubles, eight home runs, scored 16 runs and driven in 20.

After 162 games at his current pace, Kemp would break the single season record for hits, home runs and RBIs.

Ichiro Suzuki's hit record would be a thing of the past, as Kemp is on pace to finish the season with almost 301 hits. This would beat Ichiro's record by 39 hits.

Kiss Barry Bonds' home run record goodbye. Kemp would finish the season with a mind-boggling 93 home runs, shattering the previous record by 20.

As far as RBIs are concerned, Kemp would surpass Hack Wilson's record of 191 that was set in 1930. Kemp is on pace to drive in 231 this season.

Kemp is also on pace to score 185 runs, which would fall seven runs short of breaking Billy Hamilton's record from 1894 when he scored 192 runs for the Philadelphia Phillies.

How about steals? Kemp boldly stated that he wanted to go 50/50 this season. Unfortunately, he only has one steal which would leave him with 12 on the year at his current pace.

As amazing as Kemp's season is, he might have to pick his game up if he wants to achieve his goal.