40 Guys Caught Staring at Cheerleaders

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 21, 2012

40 Guys Caught Staring at Cheerleaders

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    Actually, it's more like 40 slides worth of guys caught staring at cheerleaders, which means there's a lot more than 40 dudes caught in the act. Staring at cheerleaders can be a solo sport, but it works just as well as a group activity—which is one of the many beautiful things about this national pasttime. 

    Just to clarify—I'm not judging anyone for engaging in this perfectly normal activity. I think we're all aware that men look at women. So naturally they are going to look at gorgeous, scantily clad women who are shaking it in unison to a catchy tune during a break in the action.

    Because this is such a routine occurrence, you'd think that your average male would be able to play it cool. That is just not the case. Heck, I've even been known to check out the cheerleader situation on occasion—and that's not even my thing—but I know how to play it cool.

    So, what I'm trying to say here is that there's absolutely no shame in checking out cheerleaders—that's kind of what they're there for. But, there's also nothing wrong with laughing at those among us who can't play it cool and act like they've been there before—even if they haven't.

    Now let's go laugh at a bunch of hilarious dudes who have been caught in the act.   

40. Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

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    Judging by the crowd in the wider shot, there's definitely something attention-grabbing being replayed on the Jumbotron at the Well Fargo Arena—though obviously not important enough to supersede the attention-grabbing blonde on the ice. 

39. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

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    I'm not sure of the context behind this photo—perhaps these girls have been there awhile—but I'm having a hard time understanding why that little boy is the only person staring at these cheerleaders. 

38. Atlanta Thrashers Ice Girls

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    Only one multi-tasker in that bunch apparently—french fries, beer and broads is a bit much for anyone to handle at one time.

    But honestly, these girls were about the only thing to see in the decade the Thrashers called Atlanta home. 

37. Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

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    Can't blame Redskins fans for coming to training camp just to eye up the new cheerleaders—they haven't had much else to root for over the last decade or so.

    That's all about to change though.  Everyone is going to be looking at the epically amazing Robert Griffin III this summer! I'm not even a Skins fan, and I'm excited!

36. Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

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    I'm giving the little boy the benefit of the doubt there because he's able to focus on sipping his beverage, but I suspect he's also transfixed. The guy on the left eating the french fries is hilarious. 

35. Celebrities Staring at Laker Girls

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    Staring at Laker Girls is pretty much one of the greatest pastimes for Hollywood elite sitting courtside at the Staples Center. Anyone who is anybody has been busted staring looking the lovely Laker Girls up and down at least once.  

    Kanye West actually looks stunned and completely speechless. That might be the first time that's ever happened—though, after dating Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, you'd think he'd be better equipped to play it cool. 

34. Celebrities Staring at Laker Girls

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    Just to clarify—in no way do I consider the loathsome Ashton Kutcher "Hollywood elite," but apparently plenty of people do because this plague on humanity has been working steadily for over a decade. 

    Anyway, he stares at cheerleaders too...let's move on. 

33. Celebrities Staring at Laker Girls

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    This is more like it! Mega movie star Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely the crowd I was referring to initially. DiCaprio has bedded some of the hottest women in the world, including: Blake Lively, Bar Rafaeli and supermodel Gisele Bundchen. 

    If he can't resist this kind of obvious and intense stare down, what hope is there for the rest of man kind?

32. Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

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    Certainly can't blame this guy for looking, he is at a bikini fashion show celebrating the release of the Titans cheerleaders calendar.

    Although, kinda surprised he's there with the wife—she's either very cool or very oblivious.  

31. Florida Panthers Ice Girls

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    That kid's head is on a swivel! He's got ice skates on, which suggests that he's around these girls on a regular basis—I guess some things just never get old. 

30. Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

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    That Redskins event staff guy is doing his very best to look without looking like he's looking—but he's totally looking. 

29. Florida Panthers Ice Girls

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    Obviously Lady Panther Karlyn is demanding more than the attention of the photographer in this photo. Wonder what that guy is telling the person he's on the phone with. 

28. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

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    Actually, I'm not really sure what the situation is in this photo—the goats are really throwing me off. The guys are all looking at the girl, the goats are both looking at the guys, and the girl is looking at the camera. 

    The real question here is: Why the hell did anyone think it was a good idea to include goats in a bikini calendar? Perhaps it was the same editor who convinced Tom Brady it was a great idea to do a photo shoot cradling a baby goat.

27. Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

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    I'm not sure if the guy staring at the ice girl is there with his wife, but proportionally, they look like a pretty good match. 

    If he is with his wife, I'm pretty sure he just told her to "shove over" so he could get a better look. And I bet she's too busy eyeing up the flowing ginger locks of Scott Hartnell to even notice.

    I made a lot of assumptions there.  

26. New England Patriots Cheerleaders

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    If this were a cartoon, that guy with the glasses would be walking into a brick wall or off a pier about 10 seconds after this photo was snapped.

25. New York Islanders Ice Girls

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    The Islanders haven't won a playoff series since 1993, and that improbable win was actually a complete fluke—they haven't really been competitive since the 1980s. 

    Clearly fans are just going through the motions at this point. They can't even manage anything beyond an expressionless stone-cold stare for the ice crew. 

24. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

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    Early on in a bikini fashion show, you can't blame a couple of guys for taking a double take at one of the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL.

    Sometimes it takes awhile to familiarize yourself with your surroundings, particularly when they are such awesome surroundings. 

23. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

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    Obviously one of these guys quickly got his act together, while the other still struggled to act like he's? been there before—obviously he hadn't been there before. 

    Eventually he'd get it together...right?

22. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

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    Dude has no game. Sorry, bro. 

21. Atlanta Thrashers Ice Girls

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    Except for the Lightning fan eying up the camera man, most everyone in the shot seems to be staring at the Trasher girls—although that little boy's mom doesn't look too happy about it. 

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

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    Here's what I see in this photograph: Three lovely Bucs cheerleaders signing autographs and cheerfully meeting fans, one dad who is absolutely beside himself to be in their presence and one daughter who is totally going to tell mom. 

19. New England Patriots Cheerleaders

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    I can't even explain how much I love the guy in this photo. If there's one thing that really bothers me, it's when people fail to recognize just how lucky they are in life. 

    This guy clearly recognizes how lucky he is at that very moment and is literally one of the happiest dudes I've ever seen in my life. 

18. Florida Panthers Ice Girls

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    My first instinct was to mock the hell out of these kids for being a bunch of over-excited goobers—they are, after all, a bunch of over-excited goobers. 

    But...they're young, and it's almost impossible for young guys not to look like that in the presence of inexplicably hot women. And it doesn't get much hotter than the Lady Panthers Ice Dancers. 

17. Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders

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    Ever feel like you're being watched? Can't a couple of scantily clad hot broads play a little volleyball without creating a circus?

    No...probably not. That was a stupid question, I know. 

    But seriously—that one dude is literally biting his hand in response to the scene in front of him. One of his bros needs to step in and tell him to be cool.

16. Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

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    I like pretty much everything that's going on in this photo. I like the cheerleaders, I like that they're wearing my favorite uniforms, and I like that they're entertaining the embattled Redskins fans. 

    But there's one thing I love in this photo—obviously it's the dude completely ignoring the cheerleaders because he's too focused on a photobomb opportunity to mug for the camera. 

15. Florida Panthers Ice Girls

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    It's actually pretty difficult to stand out in the background of a photo like this—there are literally dozens, if not 100+, people watching the girls get their photo taken. 

    I'm impressed that the creeper kid in the crowd managed to make himself the focal point of the photograph. 

14. Auburn University Cheerleaders

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    I'm pretty sure that the Auburn cheerleaders didn't pose much of a threat at the 2011 BCS Championship game—especially considering they won.

    If there were any shenanigans happening in the stands in front of that guy, he definitely was in no position to spot them.  

13. Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

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    Ain't no shame in that guy's game. I actually like his style—if you know that dude, tell him to get in touch. 

12. Buffalo Jills & NY Jets Flight Crew

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    Um, this guy had been caught doing a lot more than looking at a cheerleader. Come on dude—keep it together. 

    He's lucky that girl is being a good sport, because he deserves a smack in the head and most New Yorkers wouldn't be afraid to lay one on him. 

11. Florida Panthers Ice Girls

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    That dumbfounded kid is literally stopped in his tracks by the presence of the Lady Panther Ice Dancers. It's rare to see the open-mouthed-and-stare, but when it happens it's almost always a teenage boy—adult males usually learn a bit a subtlety. 

10. More Celebrities Staring at Laker Girls

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    I very rarely judge anyone for eyeballing the ladies, but Chris Pine is weirding me out a little bit in this photo. On their own the hood, the scruffy beard or the laser beam stare wouldn't stand out—but when you combine all three, it starts to feel a bit lecherous. 

9. More Celebrities Staring at Laker Girls

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    Soccer star David Beckham has been a courtside regular at Lakers games for years and is routinely caught on camera sizing up the Laker Girls. There are dozens of variations of this scene floating around the interwebs. 

    If you want to see something hilarious—look at the photos of Becks trying desperately not to stare at the Laker Girls on the rare occasions he's accompanied by his wife Victoria. Then it's Victoria doing all the staring and David looking very uncomfortable. 

    *Click here for more of Beckham's ogling 

8. More Celebrities Staring at Laker Girls

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    Even the adorable tween-sensation-turned-heartthrob Zac Efron is no match for the obviously hypnotic moves of the Laker Girls. I still can't believe this kid is 24 years old—that really makes me feel old. 

7. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

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    Game face bro! Two of the guys in this photo (and I think you can tell which ones) are playing it totally cool and two others are playing it the exact opposite of cool.

    I have no idea what the fifth guy is doing or what he's looking at—but I like his style.  

6. New England Patriots Cheerleaders

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    Judging by the unrestrained glee on the face of the guy on the left, I think he's probably looking at that Pats cheerleader for more than just the dance moves. 

5. Florida Panthers Ice Girls

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    The lovely Alexis dancing in the aisles is attracting quite the range of reactions in this photo. You've got the content smile of the guy to her left and the steely creeper gaze of the guy directly to her right.

    Then you've got the jubilation from the guy with the girlfriend and the mildly amused girlfriend. And then you've got what looks like pure disdain from the lady on the far right. Classic polarizing response to a cheerleader.  

4. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

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    I guess they start pretty young! But I must say, never has blatantly and shamelessly ogling a bunch of cheerleaders been so ridiculously adorable. 

3. University of Oregon Cheerleaders

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    Okay, so I realize that this guy is probably just be doing his job and trying not to drop this shapely young lady on her pretty blonde head—but you have to admit that it definitely looks bad at first glance.  

2. Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

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    Wow. That is an awful lot of slack-jawwed, staring Philadelphians. If this girl was holding a cheesesteak instead of a shovel, I'm pretty sure their heads would explode. 

1. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

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    Blink and you might miss the creeper in this photo. I'm not sure if he was supposed to be in this photo or just snuck up unexpectedly on these poor unsuspecting girls—it sure doesn't look like he's supposed to be there.