WWE: 5 Possible Feuds for Antonio Cesaro

Brett ChandlerCorrespondent IApril 21, 2012

WWE: 5 Possible Feuds for Antonio Cesaro

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    Tonight, on Friday Night SmackDown, Antonio Cesaro made his debut on WWE television in a backstage segment involving Teddy Long, Aksana and John Laurinaitis. Previous to WWE, Cesaro (formerly Claudio Castagnoli in the independent leagues) made quite a name for himself, specifically in Ring of Honor while teaming with Chris Hero (now Kassius Ohno in Florida Championship Wrestling) as the Kings of Wrestling. 

    Now I will take a look at five possible feuds that Cesaro could have in the blue brand. Keep in mind that these are not dream feuds, just feuds that I find logical. For example, I will not write about a Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan feud since both are heels and that would make no sense whatsoever. 

The Big Show

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    Now, this wouldn't be the best feud wrestling-wise for obvious reasons, but I believe it would be a good feud for Cesaro to cement himself as a strong superstar that is here to stay. Cesaro can make a case for the Intercontinental Championship, stating that he is a world-renown superstar while Big Show has just achieved success inside the United States. Cesaro can also show off his strength with several power moves on Big Show throughout this possible feud. 

    The promos in this feud wouldn't be stellar, but they would be decent enough to carry a program. For an example of Cesaro's work in FCW, click here. With all these reasons listed, I believe this would be a perfect starting feud for Cesaro.


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    Does R-Truth have anything to do right now? Nope. Last time he did anything worthwhile was form a tag team with Kofi Kingston and participate in the Team Teddy vs .Team Johnny match at WrestleMania. He has no direction and no feud as of now. This especially showed during this week's Raw in London where the only way Truth contributed to the show was in two or three backstage vignettes.

    Truth is in very good shape for his age, he's established a connection with the fans and is a well-known veteran, so why not put him in a feud with Cesaro? Although there is not much ground for the feud, I'm sure WWE's creative team can think something up, even if it's as lame as the Kane vs. Randy Orton storyline. 

Ted DiBiase

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    Ted DiBiase is pretty much the exact opposite of what Antonio Cesaro is. From Madison, Mississippi, Ted DiBiase is a people's man, as shown by his weekly DiBiase Posse tailgate parties at whatever WWE live event he is at. Meanwhile, Antonio Cesaro is an anti-American who looks out for only himself and no one else. Both men have a wide array of moves, but who would be the best? 

    The answer is clear: Cesaro. This should come off as no shock. I'm not saying Cesaro is superior to DiBiase, but I believe that in WWE standards, he would be booked over DiBiase. Cesaro is an up-and-coming superstar that is 31 years old. He is two years older than DiBiase. Both DiBiase and Cesaro have plenty of time left in their wrestling careers, unless something tragic happens, but DiBiase has even more time left.

    With how DiBiase had been positioned in WWE before his ankle and hand injury, him losing a feud while still looking strong would not harm him. However, if a debuting Cesaro lost to DiBiase, it might be enough to damage Cesaro's credibility for a long, long time. 

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston, much like his on-and-off tag team partner and ally in R-Truth, has no direction. Over the last few weeks, he has been supporting Teddy Long and participating in matches with no payoff. It's no secret that a lot of people think Kingston is highly skilled. Although I do not think of him as highly as other people do, I like Kingston and his athletic abilities, but it's pretty clear that WWE has no interest in him. 

    However, Kingston has a large fanbase and usually gets a good reaction when he marches out to the ring, so why not put him in a feud to elevate another talent and perhaps also elevate Kingston himself? Cesaro and Kingston would have a good-to-great power vs. speed feud, with Kingston using his speed and agility and Cesaro using his brute strength and technical prowess. 

    As for the storyline? That's up to the WWE creative team. 

Randy Orton

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    If they're looking to push Cesaro in a big way, this is the feud to go with. After finishing his feud with Kane, presumably at Extreme Rules since the feud barely has any legs, what does Orton do? Feud with Daniel Bryan? That is certainly a possibility, but with Orton helping "make" a large amount of young upstarts in the last few months, I wouldn't be surprised if they put Cesaro and Orton in a feud. The storyline can be simple, with Cesaro wanting to make a name for himself by taking out one of WWE's top dogs in Orton. 

    Orton's last few feuds haven't had much verbal work, so this one shouldn't, either. Have the promos be short and effective, perhaps with a backstage interview or two. Although some people don't like Orton, they have to admit that he is very, very good at what he does inside the ring, and so is Cesaro. The matches these two would put on would be of the uppermost quality. 

The End

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    With all these possible feuds for Cesaro, I'm sure he will make an immediate impact on the WWE once he gets an actual program on television that doesn't include the very possible first three or four squash matches. Tell me what you think in the comments below and if you have any suggestions for feuds that I have missed, go for it. 

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