Trent Richardson to Browns: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

Matt MillerNFL Draft Lead WriterApril 26, 2012

A do-it-all running back who can run between the tackles, has the speed to break to the edge, can catch and block—Trent Richardson combines the best of these traits to be an elite running back prospect.

Richardson defies the argument of a specialized running back. He's a throwback in the style of Marcus Allen, Marshall Faulk and LaDainian Tomlinson as a true triple-threat at the position. You won't take Richardson off the field and replace him with a third-down back who can catch or block, because chances are, you won't be able to find a player who can catch or block better.

Richardson was a star at Alabama, but he also only carried the ball 540 times in his career, as he spent his two seasons playing in tandem with Mark Barron. Richardson comes to the league with very little wear and tear and unmeasurable upside as a feature back.


Pick Analysis

The Cleveland Browns gave up their fourth, fifth and seventh-rounder to move up from the fourth-overall pick to the third-overall pick in an effort to ensure themselves that they'd land Trent Richardson. It might seem like a lot, but Trent Richardson is one of the few sure things in this year's draft class. He'll be the Browns' best offensive player from the first day of training camp.