NASCAR Qualifying is a Joke

Robert PritchettContributor IJanuary 25, 2009

The 2009 Sprint Cup season is about to begin and once more the top 35 automatically make the race.  What a joke.  What happened to qualifying on time?  If NASCAR wants to have automatic qualifiers lets change the rules a bit.

The top 12 from last season automatically make the first five races.  Then the top 12 starting with the sixth race automatically make the race based on points.  This method continues throughout the season.  Why the top 12 at the beginning of the season?  This is their reward for making the Chase.  Then you ask why the top 12 after the sixth race?  The reason, these are now the new Chase contenders.

This method frees up alot of places for good cars to make the race. Las year how many times did fast cars get bumped out of the race just because a slow qualifier was in the top 35.

NASCAR needs to make qualifying exciting and by having to make the race on time means better cars and the best drivers are in the race.