Indiana-Purdue: Looking Ahead to the Big Ten Tournament

andrew thompsonCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2008

Indiana and Purdue are two dominant teams in the Big Ten.

IU is led by freshman sensation Eric Gordon, the beastly senior D.J. White, and the most recent star, Armon Basset. Purdue is led by their four freshmen; Robbie Hummel, Jajuan Johnson, E'Twaun Moore, and Scott Martin.

The two teams are atop the conference with Wisconsin.

The Purdue-IU rivalry has already met once earlier in the year with Indiana winning, 77-68. Purdue has beaten Wisconsin twice this year while Wisconsin has beaten IU.

So what does this tell you? It says that IU and Purdue have a good chance at meeting again in the Big Ten Tournament.

But what team is really better?

Purdue is 22-6 and 13-2 in the conference. IU is 24-4 and 13-2 in the conference.

IU has the better record.

Purdue is averaging 68.4 PPG, 32.5 RPG, and 13.2 APG. IU is averaging 76.4 PPG, 38.3 RPG, and 13.6 APG. 

IU has better averages.

IU has had two terrible coaches in recent years of Mike Davis and Kelvin Sampson while Purdue has had two very good coaches in Matt Painter and Gene Keady.  

Purdue has had better coaching.

Based on this reasoning, IU is a better team, but to find out we'll have to wait till they meet again in the tournament.