What Fueled Shane Mosley's Brutal Beating of Antonio Margarito

Barry EisenmanContributor IJanuary 25, 2009

The world is full of boxing surprises. I for one did not think that Mosley, at 37, had enough left in the tank to beat Margarito. But styles and well-executed strategies often lead to unpredictable outcomes no matter how much one knows about the sport. 

I watched in awe as Mosley found the fountain of youth. Now, I'm not insinuating that Mosley trained for Margarito as he did for Oscar De La Hoya, but I'm not ruling it out either. He delivered punches in bunches with laser-like precision and the speed of a sprinter. 

Although I predicted the end of the fight to be in the 9th round, I had the wrong fighter winning. Mosley, a partner in Golden Boy Productions, put the "G" back on the moniker, after it was dropped when Oscar gave it to Pacquiao.

As I watched the fourth round end, I said to viewing partners; "Margarito has no clue what to do, especially with Mosley's 'Ali-like' hit and hold strategy." 

Oh well, styles do make fights and Mosley simply imposed his will early and often.

A masterful performance unless the urine tests state differently.