Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Law and Order, Expendable Players and Minnesota

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IApril 20, 2012

Let's give the Vikings Gerald McCoy for the third overall pick.
Let's give the Vikings Gerald McCoy for the third overall pick.J. Meric/Getty Images

We're going to take you on an excursion today and want to touch on several things, as you might gleen from the headline.

"Chung, Chung."

That's the sound of the computerized gong noise that proceeds all of the "Law and Order" television shows.

There's no more rap music on the field at One Buc Place—perhaps they should sound the "Law and Order" gong.

My least favorite third-overall selection in the NFL draft gave his take on that, as he often does. If Gerald McCoy had as many quarterback sacks as he does quotes, he'd be an All-Pro and this would be one helluva defense. But on to the Great Geraldini, who was running his yap to Tribune beat writer Roy Cummings and whoever else would listen to him:

I know people are saying it's like kiddie (stuff), but it's really not because it's establishing order and discipline and you can always increase your discipline no matter what age you are. There's nobody complaining out here. You just deal with it and go about your business. What are we going to say? I'm not doing it. Coach would be like "OK, thanks for your service."

Okay, thanks Geraldini for what little you've done to help this football team in the past two years. Now get off your butt and tackle someone!

That should just about cover Gerald McCoy. Now that he's ripped both biceps tendons, hopefully he won't blow out a triceps tendon in the third game this season.

Ronde Barber also put in his thoughts: "A team that has as many young guys as we have definitely needs that because it's hard to police yourself."

Yes, the inmates ran amuck last year and now there will finally be a little "Law and Order."

That should just about cover the new atmosphere, there's nothing wrong with this team that two years in a Catholic school back in the 50s wouldn't cure.

Now for the just-finished mini-camp.

Take a glance at the current Buc roster and you'll find out this team needs a lot more help than three named free agents and six guys they'll pick up in the draft next week. This scouting department will have to show its mettle with some big scores in the undrafted free-agent market AFTER the draft and they'll have to find a few guys in the plethora of veteran free agents still walking around out there without a team.

Here's a quick drill for you:

They are Expendable

Wide Receivers:  Dez Briscoe, Ed Gant, Ray Webber.

Defensive Tackles: Frank Okam, John McCargo, Roy Miller.

Defensive Ends:  E.J. Wilson, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim.

Linebackers: Jake Cutrera, Rennis Curren, Mike Balogan.

Kickers: Jake Rogers, Kai Forbath.

Quarterback: Brett Ratliff.

O-line:  Chris Riley, Jamon Meredith, Mike Ingersoll.

Tight ends: Zach Pianalto, Colin Franklin, Chase Coffman.

Lead guy on this pack of mostly camp-bodies is Briscoe; he blew off the just-completed mini-camp because he was supposedly locked up by some "personal" business, come to find out he's involved in some sort of reality show girlfriend drama, according to YBF.com.

Well, if that's a reason for Briscoe not showing up, then he doesn't fall into Greg Schiano's "MUST LOVE FOOTBALL" mantra. Well, it's been nice Dez, see ya.

As for the rest? Mere inspection of those names shows why this team is screaming for upgrades everywhere.

Which leads us into today's final thoughts: The Minnesota Vikings.

At one point, it was common thinking that the Cleveland Browns held the key to the players available for the Buccaneers with the fifth overall pick next Thursday night.

The real key is the wacky Minnesota Vikings.

Now everyone's in a bad mood up there because, one, they have a crappy stadium and according to ProFootballTalk, it doesn't look like they'll get a new one and two, they have a crappy team and that's why they're picking third.

So the Vikings' brain-trust—if you want to call it that, says they have their eyes on three players (via TwinCities.com: Morris Claiborne, Justin Blackmon and Matt Kalil. Duh!

Isn't that the revelation of the century? Seeing as all those guys are considered "ELITE" prospects and the Vikings need to get some sort of "ELITE" player with the third pick, well, yeah, that's real earth-shattering news.

Here's a great idea: let's give the Vikings Gerald McCoy (he was the third overall pick in his draft so he must be an elite player) and the Vikings give the Bucs their third pick, leaving the Bucs with the third and fifth picks. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Okay, okay, we tried.

But that is the team that can really throw one helluva monkey wrench into the Tampa Bay draft machinery. If the Vikes take Mo Claiborne and the Browns follow with Trent Richardson, that leaves the Bucs either taking a non-need guy like Kalil or hoping hard that someone's on the phone with a great deal to trade down out of the fifth pick.