Video Viral of the Day: Liverpool's American Idol Cheerleading

Mikhail TurnerContributor IIIApril 20, 2012

Now we know whats up with Liverpool's form in the last few months. They've been spending a bit too much to time watching "American Idol."

Some Liverpool personnel took time off from their various schedules to wish "American Idol" hopeful and Liverpool-born Hollie Cavanagh some good luck.

Cavanagh was trying to gain a spot as one of the Top 6 remaining contestants on the show. Led by Jamie Carragher, the Liverpool personnel delivered a hearty good luck to one of their most adoring fans.

No word yet on whether or not most American's understood what Carragher actually said in his little solo. Was Steven Gerrard not available or camera-shy?

It all worked out in the end as the Liverpool squad seemed to have brought their recent form, we are mostly just talking about the FA Cup semifinal win, to bring good fortune to a fellow Red.

Cavanagh survived going to the bottom three and made the cut after singing "Rolling In the Deep" and "Son of A Preacher Man."

Will she now sing a ballad of good charm for her beloved club when the FA Cup final comes around? Probably.

It may not get the boys all hyped up for the game though... Maybe.

As for the future of both parties, Cavanagh faces some tough competition to eventually stake her claim as the winner of this contest and Liverpool has to do it's best to finish strong this season.