"Chicago Bull's Four Choices:Choices I Think Will Make The Bulls a Better Team"

RonContributor IJanuary 25, 2009

  1. My first choice that the Chicago Bulls have is trading for a strong but skilled big man that could help the team win in multiple seasons. When the Bulls traded for Ben Wallace they went to the playoffs(06-07) and swept the defending champions(Miami Heat)4-0 in the Playoffs that's the only good thing that happened. So they want to make sure the trade they get helps them for more than one season.
  2. My second is to let the team learn how to play with Derrick Rose. If John Paxson keeps on making trades every year just because they don't win its quickly going to mess up their team chemistry. John Paxson has to remember that he is now trying to build his team around a young point guard and he makes it tougher on Derrick knowing skills of the players around him.
  3. My third is to make the team play better defense. If they did that they would have won a lot more games than they have right now,anyway that's how the Bulls became a playoff team. But the firing of Scott Skilles was retarded anyway Paxson should have stayed with him. Then maybe the Bulls would not give up 101 points a game.
  4. My final is to wait till 2010 and try to pick up one of the superstars that will be freeagents. You never know Dwyane Wade might want to finish his career with Derrick Rose in Chicago. It would make his scoring easier and make the Bulls a better team.