Bulls vs. Heat Video: Watch LeBron James Level John Lucas with Devastating Pick

Eric BallFeatured Columnist IVJune 26, 2016

The pick heard round-the-world on Thursday night was a big fuss over nothing.

Early in the third quarter of a tight Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls showdown, Mario Chalmers caught the inbound pass and was met with pressure from John Lucas III.

To ensure Chalmers had space to operate, LeBron stood just inside the three-point line and seemed to be standing still as Lucas III ran right into his brick wall of a body. Lucas III hit the deck and instantly ran towards James to inform him that was not cool.

The two began to jaw at each other and eventually a double technical was called. When a double tech is called that means the referees have no idea who was at fault so might as well just blame both.

In reality, it was Lucas III who should have gotten the tech.

While it was close, LeBron did appear to be completely motionless as Lucas III ran into him. It’s not his fault players get bowled over when they run into him. Lucas III was the one that imitated the in-your-face interaction and provoked LeBron to respond.

I completely agree with TNT analyst Reggie Miller when he says Luol Deng was the one that Lucas III should be angry at. Deng saw the play developing and could have warned his teammate before getting blind-sided.

It was just one feisty play in a game full of them. James Jones was ejected for a Flagrant Two, and Dwyane Wade received a Flagrant One for essentially shoving Richard Hamilton into the stands.

The intensity of the playoffs has arrived, and Thursday night was just a preview of coming attractions.