WWE Superstars Results April 19, 2012

Vincent StephensContributor IIIApril 19, 2012

R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger
R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger

The show started with Josh Mathews welcoming everyone to Superstars while Yoshi Tatsu was making his way to the ring.


Match 1: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal verbally assaulted Yoshi Tatsu while grabbing his hair, but Yoshi waited for his moment to strike. Yoshi caught Jinder Mahal with a flying punch that sent Jinder rolling out of the ring. Yoshi jumped over the top with a crossbody.

Jinder Mahal recovered and choked Yoshi with the ring apron. They got back into the ring, where Jinder Mahal continued dominating Yoshi. Yoshi got a few chops in, but Jinder stopped him with a kick to the body.

Jinder attempted a suplex, but Yoshi quickly shifted his body weight. Both men fell to the canvas, and Yoshi covered for a two-count.

Yoshi had a crucifix on Jinder then a cover for a two-count. Yoshi then signaled for the roadhouse. Jinder saw what was about to happen and gave Yoshi a knee to the back of the head. While Yoshi was laid out, Jinder Mahal applied the Camel Clutch, and Yoshi tapped out.


Match 2: Kelly Kelly vs. Eve

Eve had Kelly Kelly in the corner and slapped her around. The referee had to step in to break them up. Kelly Kelly charged Eve with a Thesz Press. Eve regained offense, but Kelly Kelly caught her in the corner and did a handstand-in-the-ropes move.

Kelly Kelly then hit a running slide under the ropes to Eve, on the outside. She hit a crossbody from the top rope and covered for a two-count. Eve applied a rear choke then slung Kelly Kelly into the corner and continued choking her, lifting her feet off the canvas.

Kelly Kelly got free and hit Eve with a hurricanrana for another near fall. Eve recovered and went back to the rest spot. Kelly Kelly got her knees up as Eve attempted to cartwheel on her and planted Eve face first on the canvas.

Kelly Kelly hit Eve with a clothesline and then gave Eve the Kelly Go Round, followed by a butt bump in the corner and a stinkface. Eve took Kelly Kelly down and pinned her. Eve put her own feet on the ropes for leverage. Eve won.


Match 3: Jack Swagger vs. R-Truth

Jack Swagger got an early takedown on R-Truth and ran around the ring gloating about it. The two traded some armbars, and Jack Swagger got the upper hand, doing some push-ups on R-Truth's back.

While Jack Swagger was busy gloating, R-Truth took him down and gave him a series of punches. R-Truth hit Swagger with an armdrag, which turned into an armbar as Jack Swagger worked his way up. Jack Swagger got the offense and dropped a big leg on R-Truth and applied his own armbar. R-Truth got up and fell to the outside as Jack Swagger pulled the top rope down.

Both men started to trade offense. Jack Swagger went back to the armbar and tried for another leg drop, but R-Truth moved. R-Truth rolled Jack Swagger for a two-count, hitting him with a massive DDT from the top turnbuckle. Next, R-Truth covered for a two-count and hit Jack Swagger with a clothesline followed by a flying punch. R-Truth then applied a body scissors and went for a pin for another two-count.

Jack Swagger took out R-Truth's knees and slammed him into the canvas. Jack covered for a two-count. R-Truth went for the Complete Shot but was stopped by Jack Swagger and thrown into the corner.

Jack Swagger tried a move off the top rope, but R-Truth got his feet up. R-Truth finally connected the Complete Shot for the win.