WWE No Way Out 2009 Predictions

brenton falknerContributor IJanuary 25, 2009

No Way Out is going to be the biggest twist in this years' Road to WrestleMania 25, so I reckon these could be the predictions of matches.

Match 1:No.1 Contender For The ECW Championship (Fatal Four Way)      Tommy Dreamer vs Mark Henry vs Finlay vs Evan Bourne

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Match 2:Shawn Michaels vs John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Winner:Shawn Michaels

Match 3: Intercontinental Champ vs. USA Champ (CM Punk vs Shelton Benjamin)

Winner: CM PUNK

Match 4: Elimination Chamber Match (WH Championship Match )

(Jericho, Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Mike Knox, John Cena)

Winner: John Cena

Match 5: Shane McMahon vs 2009 Royal Rumble Winner Randy Orton( No Holds Barred Match)

Winner: Randy Orton

Match 6: Elimination Chamber (WWE Championship Match)

( Vladimir Kozlov, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Triple H and Edge)

Winner: Edge

I think these could be the matches at no way out.