A Preview of the AL East

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A Preview of the AL East

Now today I will be starting a series about my predictions of how each division in the MLB will end up by September. And I will start with the American Leauge East. Today the AL East seems like one of the toughest divisions today and will be hard to predicct who will represent them in September. And now we start with the East.

The Boston Red Sox

Boston has, as of late had a busy offseason where many of their signature low risk-high reward schemes including the signings of Brad Penny and John Smoltz.

Though Boston has made many moves to benefit their pitching, they have done nothing to add a big bat after losing in the Teixiera Sweepstakes. Theo has not even gone after offensive guys like Abreu or Burrell.

Also, Boston still has a catching situation with Jason Varitek. This has dragged on forever and I believe they will aquire Miguel Montero or Jarod Saltalamaccia in exchange for Clay Bucholtz, Daniel Bard, or Michael Bowden.

Hopefully they sign Tek to a one-year deal so he can help a young catcher for the future.

In conclusion, Boston could be one of the biggest winners this offseason pitching wise, but their catching situation and lack of offense will be their downfall. In conclusion, I believe they will still be a great team with a young roster if they remain healthy.

Baltimore Orioles/ Toronto Blue Jays

The reason they are in the same article is because they have yet to do anything newsworthy to remain contendors in the East. Other than the extension with Markekis, the O's have done nothing and will likely finish last after losing key players in Kevin Millar and Daniel Cabrera.

The Jays have really only have signed Matt Clement and Angel Sanchez who are really not that great anymore. Though I still believe Toronto will still be fighting even after losing AJ Burnett and Baltimore will have a "regular" season and will likely finish last as I said before.

Tampa Bay Rays

And here are your American League Champions from last year. After going from worst to first, the Rays won't be going away this year. Even if Tampa has a low payroll, they have made some big moves including the signings of Pat Burrell and Gabe Kapler as well as the extension to their future in Evan Longoria.

In my opinion, they have one of the greatest farm systems which have provided them with guys like Longoria and David Price that makes Tampa not really need anything major. But the thing they need is a clubhouse veteran that can lead the team like Cliff Floyd did.

They need a John Smoltz who will help Boston's young guys like Lester and Beckett who is going to help Garza and Shields. They have also solidified their infield with Matt Joyce. Overall, the Rays will have a great year next year and will compete with Boston in New York.

New York Yankees

Does it surprise anybody that I put them last?

The Evil Empire has made a huge impact with the signings of CC Sabathia, Mark Teixieria, and AJ Burnett which will help them come over a tough year last year. Instead of talking about everything New York has (because everyone knows), let's talk about what they don't have.

New York does have the all-star lineup, but do they have the chemistry to work together in order to win? A-Rod doesn't really get along with any of the guys and a lot of them are new and don't have experience with pressure.

Teixiera, CC, and Burnett have never been in the spotlight like New York has where one mistake and they are booed out of the stadium. CC played for the Indians, Teix played for Atlanta and the Rangers, and Burnett played in Toronto. Good teams? Yes. Great teams with playoff history? No.

Also, their new signings (except CC) have never played well in the playoffs. I don't think AJ ever has and Teix had a poor post season with the Angels. I think they will win the Wild Card, but they won't win the World Series.

In conclusion, I see the Yanks having a disappointing season (compared to what is expected), but a strong2010 season due to their experience under the spotlight.

That concludes my review of the AL East and I will review the AL West sometime next week. I leave you with my 2009 end of the season standings. I'll say Boston wins the East by a coin toss over New York and Tampa

AL East

Boston 95-69

New York 92-72

Tampa 91-71

Toronto 85-79

Baltimore 69-95

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