Ranking Mike Brown's Biggest Headaches with the Los Angeles Lakers

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IApril 20, 2012

Ranking Mike Brown's Biggest Headaches with the Los Angeles Lakers

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    Ever since taking over the Los Angeles Lakers, Mike Brown has had his fair share of problems with the team. In fact, you could even go a little further and call them headaches.

    It's not like Brown is the worst coach in the world, but the benefits and disadvantages of coaching for such a great team has really shown. Unfortunately, the disadvantages have been more prominent recently.

    With that said, read on to see the rankings of Mike Brown's biggest headaches. 

6. Resurgence of the Clippers

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    The Los Angeles Lakers have owned the Staples Center for pretty much the better part of...forever. The Lakers still may be L.A.'s team, but there are plenty of fans that are starting to root for the other L.A. team, which is the Clippers.

    The fact that Mike Brown and the Lakers have to compete for the fans of L.A. has not been a blessing.

    The Lakers may be better than the Clippers at the moment, but they are an aging team, whereas the Clippers are young and very talented.

5. Bynum's Three-Point Shooting

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    If my 7'0'' center was shooting threes in a very critical game, I would probably bench him as well.

    Andrew Bynum is obviously a great player, but he has never been known for his three-point abilities. In fact, Bynum has only taken nine threes in his career so far. Five of those have come this year. 

    If he wants to shoot from behind the arc, even though he belongs in the post, then he should start practicing that shot in practice. Allen Iverson would know what I'm talking about.

    Mike Brown did the right thing by benching Bynum for taking a three-pointer with the game on the line.

    However, Bynum probably made the headache worse by telling the press he was going to do it again.

4. Kobe Bryant

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    It would be an honor to coach a player like Kobe Bryant, but it would also be a huge pain. 

    The Lakers are Bryant's team, and he shows it not only by being one of the best players in the game, but by not respecting Mike Brown.

    Brown had to bench Bryant this season, which obviously did nothing. Instead of cheering on his team while they were down, Bryant just sat on the bench emotionless with a towel over his head. 

    This, of course, created controversy in the media. 

    Sorry Mike Brown, but Kobe Bryant just doesn't care because he is Kobe Bryant. 

3. Time in Cleveland Hanging over Him

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    Mike Brown may be a great coach, but there are so many people out there that credit his success in Cleveland to LeBron James.

    Those people may make a good point though because look at how the Cavaliers fared the first season without King James. 

    Now people are saying that Brown's success in Los Angeles is attributed to Kobe Bryant.

    Whether this is the case or not, it has to be annoying to be so successful and not get any credit for it. 

2. Lack of Bench

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    The major issue with Brown benching players like Bryant and Bynum is not that Brown is hurting their feelings, but is the fact that they don't have any good players to back them up.

    It's great that Brown wants to send a message to his team, but he has to have other players to replace those he benches. The Lakers obviously come up short in that department.

    Brown may be trying to show his team that it is his team, but he is not helping the Lakers win games by doing so.

1. Expectations of Coaching for the Lakers

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    The Los Angeles Lakers have won an impressive 16 championships in its storied history. Brown is also following in the footsteps of Phil Jackson, arguably the best coach of all time.

    To say the least, the expectations for coaching the Lakers are very high. 

    Being the Lakers' head coach is a great honor and Mike Brown should be very proud to have worked his way into this job, but at the same time the pressure to succeed is crazy in Los Angeles.

    Every year the Lakers don't win the NBA championship is a disappointing season.

    Mike Brown ought to be working hard this year because if he doesn't meet the Lakers' standards, he could very well be looking for a new job in no time.  


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