25 Elite Athletes Who Also Smoke Pot

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25 Elite Athletes Who Also Smoke Pot
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Oregon Ducks' alleged widespread use of illegal drugs was detailed in a recent ESPN article.

And considering the program is already under investigation by the NCAA for allegedly paying for third party scouting services, the article, and all the questions that come along with it, couldn't have come at a worse team for Chip Kelly's Ducks. 

ESPN spoke with 19 former and current players during their investigation, and it was the general consensus that as many as 40-60 percent of the team used marijuana at some point during their college careers. Players offered some insight into the their use, including that many prefer smoking to alcohol because they want to avoid a hangover. 

Okay, but aside from being particularly bad timing for Oregon, nothing in the article was particularly revelatory. Athletes smoke weed. People, in general, smoke weed. Is it really necessary to get all up in arms every time this common-to-the-point-of-being-mundane practice is "revealed." 

I realize that law-and-order types will never get over the fact that it's "illegal," but surely most of us understand that things aren't black and white. There have been plenty of athletes who have admitted to smoking in the past, and plenty of others who just straight up got busted. 

Here are 25 elite athletes who also smoke pot—or at least have at one point. 

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