25 Elite Athletes Who Also Smoke Pot

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 19, 2012

25 Elite Athletes Who Also Smoke Pot

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    The Oregon Ducks' alleged widespread use of illegal drugs was detailed in a recent ESPN article.

    And considering the program is already under investigation by the NCAA for allegedly paying for third party scouting services, the article, and all the questions that come along with it, couldn't have come at a worse team for Chip Kelly's Ducks. 

    ESPN spoke with 19 former and current players during their investigation, and it was the general consensus that as many as 40-60 percent of the team used marijuana at some point during their college careers. Players offered some insight into the their use, including that many prefer smoking to alcohol because they want to avoid a hangover. 

    Okay, but aside from being particularly bad timing for Oregon, nothing in the article was particularly revelatory. Athletes smoke weed. People, in general, smoke weed. Is it really necessary to get all up in arms every time this common-to-the-point-of-being-mundane practice is "revealed." 

    I realize that law-and-order types will never get over the fact that it's "illegal," but surely most of us understand that things aren't black and white. There have been plenty of athletes who have admitted to smoking in the past, and plenty of others who just straight up got busted. 

    Here are 25 elite athletes who also smoke pot—or at least have at one point. 

25. Laurence Maroney, NFL Free Agent

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    In January 2011, (then) Broncos running back Laurence Maroney and five PICs were arrested in St. Louis after officers found marijuana and guns during a routine traffic stop. 

    There were some conflicting reports of a high speed chase, but nothing like that was referenced in the official police reports. 

    It's true what they say—nothing goes together better than drugs and guns. 

24. Josh Howard, Utah Jazz

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    In 2008, (then) Mavericks forward Josh Howard found himself in some hot water after openly discussing his offseason marijuana use on ESPN Dallas' "The Michael Irvin Show." Mavs owner Mark Cuban said the issue would be dealt with internally. 

    Howard eventually apologized because he "never meant to hurt nobody's feelings." Apologies are always welcomed, but I'm pretty sure that "hurt feelings" weren't the major issue. 

23. Mike Adams, Ohio State

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    In April 2012, the NFL Network reported Ohio State tackle Mike Adams tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine. However, the incident isn't expected to impact his draft stock. 

    It wasn't the first time Adams had been in drug-related trouble—he and a few teammates were cited for possession of drug paraphernalia in 2009. 

    Dude needs to take a lesson from Josh Howard and save it for the offseason!

22. Stephon Marbury, Beijing Ducks

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    In 2009, gossip site TMZ posted a video of (then free-agent) Stephon Marbury smoking a joint. When quizzed about the video later, Marbury wasn't exactly filled with regret. 

    Marbury later told TMZ: I smoke marijuana ... yep ... you saw me. I'm not under contract ... I smoke weed occasionally. ... I'm not driving ... I'm following the rules." 

    I can't tell you how much I love when athletes don't issue ridiculously hollow apologies for things they have no business being "sorry" for to begin with. 

21. Jerome Simpson, Cincinnati Bengals

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    In 2011, Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson and teammate Anthony Collins were both implicated in a drug bust after someone at Simpson's residence signed for a package that turned out to be a shipment of high-grade marijuana from Northern California. 

    The packed contained 2.5 pounds of weed and the cops (allegedly) found six more pounds of the sticky icky inside the the house. Police said the house was operating as a distribution center—which means Simpson got off pretty easy with his 15-day sentence. 

20. Michael Beasley, Minnesota Timberwolves

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    While playing for the Heat, Michael Beasley was known to unwind with some weed every now and again—he actually admitted himself to a rehab center prior to the 2009-10 season. 

    When he came to Minnesota, Timberwolves GM David Kahn said that he thought Beasley had turned the corner and put his bad habits behind him.

    He would soon regret those words because Beasley was cited for marijuana possession (and speeding) in July 2011. Don't worry though—today it's all behind him. He swears. 

19. Elijah Dukes, Retired MLB

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    In February 2011, former major league OF Elijah Dukes told a reporter at The Tampa Tribune that he used to smoke weed before home games while playing for the Nationals. 

    Dukes also claimed that he was "blackballed" by MLB because of his allegations that players routinely smuggled drugs onto chartered flights and used drugs in hotels on road trips. 

    I'm not sure if he really is being blackballed or if he's just crazy like Jose Canseco, but I wouldn't blame MLB for doing it. 

18. Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama

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    In April 2012, the NFL Network, citing unnamed sources, reported that North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins admitted to continuing marijuana use even after it got him booted by the Gators. 

    In an interview a week later Jenkins denied the claims, insisting that he hadn't smoked while at North Alabama. The whole explanation was a bit convoluted, but whatever. 

    Give the kid a break folks, he was just doing what kids in college do—at least what the cool kids do.

17. Jason Williams, Retired

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    Jason "White Chocolate" Williams loves his mary jane, that much I know for sure. Williams started his college career at Marshal before transferring to the University of Florida. 

    He set a number of school records while with the Gators, but he was eventually booted from school after testing positive for pot on four different occasions. 

    In his defense, have you ever been to Gainesville?

16. Nick Fairley, Detroit Lions

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    In April 2012, Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley was arrested on marijuana possession charges in Alabama. Fairley was stopped by police after a number of local residents called to complain about an Escalade that was speeding through the streets of a neighborhood in Mobile. 

    Fairley's arrest actually came just weeks after Lions running back Mikel Leshoure was caught chewing marijuana during a traffic stop in southwestern Michigan. It sounds like Jim Schwartz is letting the boys run amok in Detroit. 

15. Jordan Schafer, Houston Astros

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    In October 2011, Astros outfielder Jordan Schafer was arrested in Florida and charged with felony marijuana possession after he was spotted smoking a joint at a traffic light by the police officer in the next lane. 

    After being pulled over, Schafer admitted to smoking the joint and fessed up about having an additional stash in the car. The search turned up less than an ounce and "three small marijuana peanut butter cups." 

    I'm not going to lie—those sound absolutely delicious. 

14. Mario Chalmers, Miami Heat

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    The Heat's Mario Chalmers didn't exactly make a great first impression in the NBA, despite being one of the heroes of March Madness. 

    Chalmers and fellow rookie Darrell Arthur were thrown out of the NBA's rookie transition program after being caught with weed and women in their hotel room in 2008. 

    Kids today...sheesh. 

13. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks

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    In February 2009, (then) Bills running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested in Culver City, Calif., for possessing a concealed weapon. The subsequent search of his vehicle turned up four blunts—he had to have been bummed over that one. 

    Lynch was suspended three games and sentenced to three years of probation and community service. On a related note, I guess we know why he's always shotgunning those Skittles—the munchies are killer.  

12. Allen Iverson, NBA Free Agent

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    I think we can all agree that one-time NBA great Allen Iverson's occasional marijuana use is probably the least of his problems these days—assuming he still enjoys celebrating 4/20. 

    Way back in 1997, Iverson was arrested for the possession of a firearm and two marijuana cigarettes. He ended up pleading no contest for the gun and the drug charges were dropped. 

    On an unrelated note, I really miss Allen Iverson and wish someone would give him another chance in the NBA. 

11. Ross Rebagliati, Olympic Snowboarder

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    The name Ross Rebagliati might not ring a bell, but he was the first ever gold medalist in Olympic slalom. Rebagliati competed for Canada at the Nagano Winter Games—which was the first Olympics with snowboarding as an official event. 

    Unfortunately, just days after his historic victory, Rebagliati was stripped of his medal because a drug test revealed minute traces of marijuana in his system at the time. 

    Since then, Rebagliati has taken his message to the people of Canada, telling them that weed "can be part of a healthy lifestyle" and even trying his hand in the political arena

10. Kenny Britt, Tennessee Titans

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    In May 2011, Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was arrested following a high speed car chase in his hometown in Jersey. He and the passenger in the vehicle were charged with marijuana possession, resisting arrested and obstructing governmental function. 

    That certainly wasn't the first time Britt has had a run-in with the law, and it wasn't the last either! He was actually arrested less than a month later in Hoboken by narcotics officers—and yes, he resisted arrest that time as well.

    An injury prone wide receiver with a drug habit and a penchant for fighting with cops, the Titans have got something special in Britt. 

9. Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks

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    Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony got cited for marijuana possession while boarding the team plane in 2004. Not exactly an offseason indulgence for Melo as is the claim from many other ballers.

    Nothing much came from the incident, and Melo denied the whole thing, insisting the weed was left in his bag by a friend who had borrowed it previously. Ah yes, that actually makes a lot of sense, since everyone who has ever been arrested for drugs in the history of the world has just been holding it for a friend.

    In 2008, Melo was arrested on suspicion of DUI—he was probably just holding the alcohol in his stomach for a friend. 

8. Randy Moss, San Francisco 49ers

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    Troubled 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss' enthusiasm for weed has never been a secret. In 2005, Moss admitted smoking on occasion to Bryant Gumbel during an interview for HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. 

    Moss' statements were frank and honest, probably a bit too honest. His agent pitched a fit and accused HBO of intentionally trying to damage Moss' reputation in "an attempt to promote their dying network."

    So HBO was trying to damage Moss by airing the statements he made willingly during an interview, gotcha. In the years since, I think we've all learned that nobody can damage Randy Moss' reputation better than Randy Moss. 

7. Bill Walton, Retired NBA

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    NBA legend and current basketball analyst Bill Walton's love of weed is actually part of his legend. While attending UCLA, Walton was reportedly the only player that John Wooden allowed to smoke pot. 

    Walton was definitely a hippie and was, and still is, a Deadhead. Oh, and in the 70s he may or may not have harbored radical activists that were wanted by the FBI. 

    Dude is a true baller. Check out this pic of him on his way to a Grateful Dead show in 1978. 

6. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Before those nasty dog fighting charges, (then) Falcons quarterback Michael Vick had to deal with a lesser legal situation.

    In January 2007, Vick was arrested for the second time in three months after he reluctantly surrendered a water bottle that smelled like weed to security at Miami International Airport.

    Vick wasn't arrested and was allowed to board an AirTran flight back to Atlanta following the incident. The situation probably sucked for Vick, but we can thank him for one of the best Saturday Night Live segments in recent memory—"Really!?! with Seth and Amy."

    I you haven't seen it, you need to

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Retired NBA

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    NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been a proud pot smoker for decades. He has a prescription for the drug—which is legal for medicinal purposes in California—that treats the nausea-inducing migraine headaches which have plagued him for years. 

    Although, it hasn't been all fun and games for Kareem. In July 2000, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana. He failed a field sobriety test, and then, was taken to a local jail, booked and released. 

    What kind of monster could arrest Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? His awesomeness is the stuff of myths—it'd be like arresting Santa.

4. Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer

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    The world was turned on its ear in 2009, when a "shocking" photo of Olympic golden boy Michael Phelps hitting a bong came to light. The incident was embarrassing for Phelps, who was just coming off his historic performance at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. 

    Phelps was forced to admit the photo was him and apologize for the entire incident—explaining that his behavior showed poor judgement…or some such nonsense. 

    Personally, I prefer the Charles Barkley approach to this kind of thing. He is not a role model, and he will behave as such. 

3. Santonio Holmes, New York Jets

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    Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes has dealt with his share of legal problems over the years, which is why he's the Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes instead of the Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

    In 2008, Holmes missed the season opener against the Giants after marijuana was found in his car during a traffic stop just days before the game. He was reportedly not impaired at the time of the stop and was free to go—he was charged through a mail by summons.

    The weed is the least of Holmes problems—it's his horrible personality and bad attitude that really need work. 

2. Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants

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    If you Google the name "Tim Lincecum," the very first suggestion is "Tim Lincecum weed." That's probably because the Giants ace was cited on misdemeanor marijuana charges after a traffic stop in Washington State in 2009. 

    The big "revelation" that Tim Lincecum, who is central casting right out of a stoner movie, smokes weed surprised absolutely no one. The media was, naturally, outraged, but eventually the fervor died down. 

    And now every fun-loving teenager in America (and those of us who are still kids at heart) wants to party with the legendary Lincecum.

1. Ricky Williams, Retired NFL

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    Everyone knows the love affair recently retired running back Ricky Williams has had with marijuana—a love affair that, undoubtedly, carries on to this very day. Over his NFL career, Williams tested positive for use on four separate occasions. 

    I'm not even going to try to delve into the details and dig too deeply into the mystery wrapped in a riddle that is Ricky Williams. I'd probably get a contact high just from reading about him.