MVP and Suicide: What Does The Future Hold?

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MVP and Suicide: What Does The Future Hold?

Hello, this is my first article in a new weekly series called "What Does the Future Call For." In my articles, I will review a WWE superstar and a TNA superstar and talk about their possible future outcomes.

This week I am going to write about the career of Montel Vontanious Porter (MVP) and Suicide.

Now, MVP has all the tools to have a great Hall of Fame career, but the thing that holds him back is his backstage attitude. Unless you don't know, MVP has almost the very same personality as his WWE character which holds him back. In my opinion, MVP could be the next Rock or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin because he can be one of the most incredible talkers in WWE history and his ring work can be stellar.

MVP has a very unique character, and now I have three topics on him: If he plays his cards right, if he continues his bad attitude towards WWE authorities, and if he were to become released from WWE.

If he plays his cards right: If Montel Vontanious Porter changes his attitude, he will one day hold the WWE Championship, and I believe he will be the next Rock. He has the talent, the mic work, and the character.

If he remains the way he is: If MVP remains the way he is, runs his mouth, and gets into trouble, MVP will still be moderately successful with a few US/IC title reigns and a good Tag Team title run with possibly Mr. Kennedy. But he will never headline Wrestlemania or hold a world title belt.

If WWE were to fire him: If WWE were to suddenly release him, MVP would without a doubt become a star in either TNA or ROH, but it is unlikely. But he could always be the next Elijah Burke, but you know who saw that coming?

The next star I will discuss is the fairly new TNA character, Suicide. Frankie Kazarian, who now plays Suicide, was in my opinion a big mistake. As Kaz, the TNA fans had known him since Day 1, but he is now put under a mask as a video game character.

I actually find the Suicide costume cool and unique, but during his first few weeks in TNA until the injury, I hated his character.

As I watched his promos and looked at his website, he sounded like a tortured, beaten, battered, and lonely man who was looking for revenge, which was fairly new in TNA because Abyss has become "cured."

Now I look at his few appearences and I hear Tenay screaming "Suicide saves the day!!!" Suicide is apparently saving random superstars every week like Abyss did a while back—and I am disgusted.

And on the TNA website I see that he is residing from the TNA video game, which makes me think that they should have introduced him before the game came out and starred him. I don't know what to think of him really. I love his unique look, but they shouldn't have wasted Kaz on him. I think they should have signed Paul London and used him.

Overall, in the end, I see Suicide having a good career as a wrestler. He has the unique look, entrance, and the man playing him. But his character from Impact, the video game, will become awkward when Impact 2 comes out.

In the end, Suicide and MVP will become great if they have some minor changes to their attitudes and careers. Join me next week when I look at Evan Bourne and Hernandez.

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