New Coaches Bigger Than This Year's NFL Draft

Arthur GastonContributor IJanuary 24, 2009

With over eight teams this year with new coaches, they will have more impact on the NFL as a whole than any player drafted to a team.

This to me makes the draft really not as important as its to who will be coaching.

Has the NFL started a new trend?

With two teams going to the super bowl with head coaches that have been with there teams for only two years (Tomlinson and Whisenhunt).

Three first year head coaches going to the playoffs (Sparano with the Dolphins, Harbaugh with the Ravens, and Smith with the Falcons).

May of caused an epidemic in the NFL owners wanting turn stir the pot a little, give their teams a fresh look.

Hoping to turn their teams into next year's dolphins of this year.

Are we going to just start rotating coaches every five years?

Eric Mangini coached the NY Jets for three years had one loosing season, now coaches for the Cleveland Browns.

Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans has been head coach there for 13 years, strong pillar in the community he lives there his kids go to school there he is involved in the community.

Not many coaches will do that because they might not live there within five years.

Being a coach has to be one of the most stressful jobs, knowing that you are so disposable that they can replace you like a car part.

What an interesting season 2009 will be for the NFL.