UFC 145 Results: Eddie Yagin Defeats Mark Hominick

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2012

Eddie Yagin defeated Mark Hominick at UFC 145.

This marks the third straight loss for Hominick, which is absolutely crushing. For Yagin, he gets a much-needed victory here, lifting his spirits in a big way for his future fights. 

Yagin is a few years older than Hominick, but in this fight, age meant nothing. 

Despite the fact Hominick has produced some very interesting fights in his career, his job in the UFC is definitely in danger.

Dana White loves a good show, but three straight losses is rather alarming. Hominick will have to keep at it, as he can't afford to lose his next fight.

This is a special victory for Yagin.

He lost in his UFC debut in a very tough fight against Junior Assunção, but now that he has a win under his belt, it will help put him in the right frame of mind to hopefully earn a title shot. 

Both featherweight fighters will look to continue on in the UFC, but Yagin has great momentum on his side, which will significantly help him moving forward. 

As for Hominick, should he get another fight in the UFC, it will be the most important one of his life, simply because if he suffers a fourth straight loss, he'll be doomed. 



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