NCAA Tournament Bracketology: Picking the Field

matt stevensContributor IMarch 1, 2008

 The brackets this year should be one of the easier ones to predict in the last couple of years.

First of all, the number one seeds seem pretty obvious to me. Tennessee, Duke, North Carolina and I believe that Kansas will sneak back up and get a top seed when they win their conference tournament.

The reason that I think Kansas will get a number one seed is because in my opinion after the loss to Tennessee, I think that Memphis will start to fade and eventually lose in their conference tournament.

Yes, I said it they are finally going to lose to one of the little, almost Division II schools in their conference.

Now the second seeds. I will start off by saying that even though UCLA has started to falter down the stretch, I think that they are still a shoe in for a number two seed.

Another team that is hopeful of a number two seed, would have to be the Texas Longhorns. If their guards can shoot, and drive, then they can compete with the best of all teams.

Then, there are Memphis Tigers. I think that they are a talented team, but if they don't win their very weak conference tournament, then their lack of strength in the schedule could push them back to a number two seed.

The last team I believe will slide into the number two slot, would have to be the Wisconsin Badgers. Since their blowout loss to the Duke Blue Devils, they have really been playing inspired basketball, and they are just starting to peak at the right time.

The number three seeds probably do not need that much explaining, so I'm just going to list them out. They include, Stanford,Georgetown,Xavier and Louisville.

The last seeds that I'm going to discuss are the number four seeds. First of all, I think that Indiana will be a contender for at least a four seed, maybe even higher. Notre Dame and Vanderbilt will also make good enough runs toward the end of the season to reach a number four seed. The last four seeded team I think will be a two horse race between Connecticut and Purdue.

Whoever goes further into their own conference tournaments will probably get the last number four seed.