WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Why CM Punk and Chris Jericho Need to Steal the Show

Chris PetlakContributor IIIApril 19, 2012

Punk and Jericho will go toe to toe at Extreme Rules in Chicago.
Punk and Jericho will go toe to toe at Extreme Rules in Chicago.

If CM Punk and Chris Jericho don't steal the show at Extreme Rules, the WWE Universe is going to be VERY bored with them.

Have you heard? CM Punk is a straight edge. This means he doesn't drink, smoke or use drugs of any kind.

What's that? This isn't breaking news? Oh, then maybe the WWE should rethink using that as the catalyst for a storyline between CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

Jericho accusing CM Punk of drinking is not a strong enough storyline to follow their amazing match at WrestleMania 28.

They both put it all on the line at WrestleMania and left everything in the center of the ring. Sure, WrestleMania was all about The Rock vs. John Cena, but you have to admit that the match between Punk and Jericho definitely rivaled Triple H vs. Undertaker for the silver medal.

Why, then, would the WWE decide to follow up such a lights-out match with a lame, all-talk storyline about Punk possibly drinking?

We went from "Best in the World" to "Want a drink?" Come on, guys!

Punk and Jericho are two of the best technical wrestlers that the WWE has EVER seen. Why have we not seen these two go toe-to-toe since WrestleMania? (Aside from Jericho smashing a whiskey bottle on Punk's head.)

Sure, at Extreme Rules we're going to get a Chicago Style Street Fight between these two, which Punk is sure to win in his hometown, but hopefully it won't be too little, too late.

Overall, it's been quite a let down from a memorable WrestleMania 28.