Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2012 Draft: Dissecting the Aqib Talib Rumor

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IApril 19, 2012

The Bucs are stuck with Aqib Talib, for better or worse.
The Bucs are stuck with Aqib Talib, for better or worse.Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Laughed and gave it the old eyeball roll as these rumors surfaced about the Bucs looking to trade troublemaker/corner Aqib Talib prior to the upcoming draft.

Warned everyone a few weeks back that you shouldn't believe anything you read between now and the draft. It's been that way in years past, and this season is no different.

So a local publication throws out the Talib rumor with the old "anonymous" sources.

Anonymous and unnamed are two guys you can go to at any time, any place. Sheesh.

That is the red flag of red flags.

Let's examine, for one moment, the ridiculousness of the proposition.

First and foremost, Aqib Talib is virtually untradeable. Put yourself in any GM's shoes. Here you've got a guy whose middle name is "Trouble."  Yeah, that's our own Aqib "Trouble" Talib. It's been that way since he got in a fight at the NFL Rookie Symposium, in a classroom setting. Nice.

You know the others—it's a list. He is well-known in the office of the Commish—that would be Goodell, first name Roger.

Talib is well-known to Texas authorities. He's a lawyer's dream. Legal fees are his "other" middle name.

So who, in any frame of mind, any frame of right mind would even think about surrendering any meaningful draft pick for Aqib "Trouble, Legal Fees" Talib?

The simple answer is no one. Plain, simple, it's that easy and it should have been that easy for anyone who's at least taken one lap around the block to know that when you put together a story with a headline that the Bucs are looking to move Talib, well, welcome to the novice trap.

If Talib was going anywhere, it would be the Washington Redskins because if you connect the dots, that's where Talib "Raheem Morris' Wild Child" would reunited with his "Wild-Daddy," and that would be night-clubbing Raheem.

It doesn't take much imagination to think that Raheem has already snuck up on Bruce Allen and made the suggestion that the 'Skins try and get "Raheem's Wild Child."

It doesn't take much imagination to hear Allen, most likely, say: "You can't be serious!"

Allen would have immediate flashbacks to the day he drafted Talib with the Bucs' first-round pick, the 20th selection of the 2008 draft.

Do you think he'd want a mulligan on that one?

Could have had running back Chris Johnson out of East Carolina, the guy I loved, or corners Tracy Porter or Brandon Flowers. If Allen were a draft savant, he could have swiped Matt Forte or Curtis Lofton or Ray Rice, all of whom fell into the early second round that year.

But we digress.

Sadly, Talib is who is he, and the old saying that "leopards don't change their spots" has pretty much applied to Talib since he's been a Buc.

So when you think about it for more than, let's say, three seconds, common sense says that Talib is untradeable.

So much for the Talib rumor.

Then it became big news when Greg Schiano came out and shot down the rumor. What the heck did you expect him to do? Most likely a quick nod from Mark Dominik saved him the trouble and basically let Greg get his feet wet at denying something. Note to Talib: Don't cuss out Greg Schiano in public between now and the opening of camp.

What you also get with Talib is major uncertainty, and deep down inside, that bothers Dominik, Schiano and anyone else who might think about depending on Talib. He goes on trial in June, and three things can happen, two of which are bad.

He could be found innocent, in which case, the new CBA has pushed the Commish to not punish "innocent" players. Talib could be found guilty, at which point he'd receive punishment from the law and the Commish. Third, he could cop a last-minute plea, which would open the door for punishment from the Commish.

So again, we remind everyone to stop, look and listen. Take a deep breath and think about it for a moment. And remember that the Bucs are stuck with Talib, for better or worse, and in his case it's been a lot of "worse" and very little "better."

The stuff you'll keep hearing is most like the gobbledy-gook that it sounds like.

Kind of like the one where the Bucs were allegedly the team that leaked the Morris Claiborne Wonderlic score in order to try and scare some other teams away from him.


Oh, well, it's par for the course as you get closer to the draft.

And yeah, let's just trade Talib for a first-round draft pick from some team that just moved here from the planet Mars.

Yeah, that's the ticket!


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