WWE NXT Redemption Results April 18, 2012

Vincent StephensContributor IIIApril 19, 2012

Percy Watson vs. Johnny Curtis
Percy Watson vs. Johnny Curtis

The show started with an NXT video recap from a few weeks ago, when Matt Striker got chloroformed, kidnapped and beaten. As always, you had William Regal and Josh Mathews on commentary.


Match 1: Percy Watson vs. Johnny Curtis

Maxine accompanied Johnny Curtis out to the ring and joined Josh Mathews and William Regal on commentary.

Percy Watson completely dominated Johnny Curtis in this match. Both men started by getting a feel for the other person. Percy put Johnny in a headlock and Johnny broke free. Percy dropkicked Johnny and covered for a two-count. Percy took Johnny's head and rammed it into the top turnbuckle. Johnny made it to the opposite corner where Percy gave Johnny a few shoulders to the mid-section. Percy then hit Johnny with a clothesline. Johnny was looking to get the offense, he covered Percy for a one-count.

The match went back-and-forth for a few minutes. Johnny had gained control. Johnny hit Percy with an elbow to the back of the head. While Percy was down, Johnny gave him a knee to the back. Johnny kicked Percy over to his back and stomped on his rib and then placed his foot on Percy's throat. Johnny hit Percy with a left hand to the face and then slung Percy across the ring and into the opposite corner. Percy's back hit the ring post. Johnny then went for a clothesline and covered for a two-count. There were more near-falls after this. Johnny applied the GTS to Percy, but Percy managed to get free.

Percy finally made a comeback, giving Johnny a series of right hands and a few dropkicks. Percy then hit Johnny with a clothesline. Percy then hit Johnny with a suplex. While Johnny was down, Percy connected the Heisman and covered for a two-count. Percy then connected Johnny with his finishing move and won the match.

Maxine vs. Kaitlyn
Maxine vs. Kaitlyn

William Regal then grabbed his microphone and told Johnny Curtis to come sit next to him on commentary, since Maxine had her match next. Johnny didn't want to and kept telling Regal that he needed to go shower first. He eventually went over and sat down.


Match 2: Maxine vs. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn dominated Maxine from the start. After the bell rang, she quickly tried to pin Maxine and covered for only a one-count. Maxine went to punch Kaitlyn, but she blocked it, and gave Maxine an elbow to the face. Kaitlyn went for a takedown on Maxine, rolled and covered for a one-count. Maxine tried to take control by taking Kaitlyn down and covering for a two-count. Kaitlyn gave Maxine a back breaker and covered for a one-count. Kaitlyn wrapped her legs around Maxine's waist for a submission hold. Kaitlyn tried to pin Maxine while keeping the hold but only got a one-count. Maxine eventually broke the hold.

The match went back-and-forth with a few more near falls. Maxine applied her submission hold and Kaitlyn tapped out. 

Johnny Curtis got up to leave, but William grabbed his hand to prevent him from leaving ringside. William told Maxine to come over to the commentary table. William said that he needed to address the situation with their kidnapping Matt Striker.

Regal said that it is only fair to everyone who watches WWE NXT that Maxine and Johnny stay together. Regal went on to say that if they wished to stay employed with the company, Maxine had to become Johnny Curtis' manager. Regal then pulled out the contract and asked both of them to sign it.

Both of them did not want to sign the contract, and Regal told them that they did not have to sign it, but they would be fired. Johnny signed it first and Maxine second. After the contract was signed, Regal handcuffed the two together.

Tyler Reks vs. Curt Hawkins
Tyler Reks vs. Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks made their way down to the ring to talk about the Matt Striker ordeal. Hawkins told Regal that in the 100 years that he has worked in the WWE, he must of made some friends in the truck, because Hawkins and Reks believed that the footage was doctored to make them look guilty. Reks went on to say that they didn't know where Striker was a month ago, and they didn't know where he was then.

Matt Striker came out carrying a walking stick. He interrupted Hawkins and Reks. Striker said that he had been blindfolded, chloroformed and that he had been beaten. He asked what kind of man would beat another man who is blindfolded.

Striker went on to say that those hits were not hands because they had a thud to them, kind of like he was hit with a bat or a pipe or a walking stick. The same walking stick that he was holding. This walking stick belongs to Curt Hawkins, who apparently forgot to take it with him after they were done torturing him.

Matt Striker told them that everyone knows what they did. Hawkins said "So what if we did it?" After the comment, Matt went to hit Hawkins with the walking stick but he fell to the canvas to avoid being hit. Matt then tried to hit Reks with it but he ducked and moved out of the way.

William Regal then stepped in and told Striker to stop. Regal then told Reks and Hawkins that he has had enough of them two. Regal then said he was going to put and end to it tonight. He announced that the next match was going to be Tyler Reks vs. Curt Hawkins and that the loser of the match will be fired.


Match 3: Tyler Reks vs. Curt Hawkins (with Matt Striker as the guest referee)

Before the bell even rang, Curt Hawkins delivered a powerful right hand to the side of Tyler Reks' head. After the bell rang, Tyler Reks had Hawkins in the corner and was delivering a series of right hands. Reks then gave Hawkins a suplex and then a clothesline.

Hawkins got out of the ring, and shortly after, Reks followed. Hawkins got back into the ring, and as Reks was fixing to enter, Hawkins attempted a knee drop, but Reks moved out of the way. Reks then pulled Hawkins' head through the ropes and delivered several right hands. Reks then jumped on the apron and rammed Hawkins' head into the top rope.

The match went back-and-forth for a while. Both of them beat the crap out of each other. There were a few near falls as well. Reks kicked Hawkins out of the ring. While Hawkins was down, Reks climbed to the top rope and delivered a cross-body to Hawkins. Reks threw Hawkins back into the ring and hit Hawkins with a clothesline. Reks connected a DDT and covered for a two-count. Hawkins exploded from the corner and hit Reks with a clothesline. Hawkins covered for a two-count. Hawkins was looking to put away Reks. Reks countered and rolled Hawkins for a pin and won.

Tyler was victorious and got to keep his job, or so he thought. William Regal picked up a microphone and told Curt Hawkins that he was fired. Regal then turned his attention to Reks. Regal extended his hand to Reks and told him that they needed to put their differences aside. Reks shook his hand and told Regal that he wasn't so bad after all. Regal told Reks that he changed his mind and fired Reks as well.

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