Mike Tyson Says the Klitschko Brothers Are Great Fighters

Vitali SCorrespondent IApril 19, 2012

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“People say they are bad fighters, they are not bad fighters; they are great fighters. They are not that exciting, but they are great fighters, they keep winning,” said Mike Tyson in a recent interview.

If you had to guess, who would you think Tyson was referring to?

The answer should be simple enough, and would be apparent to most boxing fans: the Klitschko brothers.

With the overwhelming amount of criticism that both brothers have been a target of, Tyson’s statement is like a bulletproof vest in the media world. When one of the most influential boxers in the history of the sport recognizes and freely expresses his honest opinion about anyone, his voice is not only heard, but also taken seriously.

While I am far from being a huge fan of the Klitschkos, I do think that they are better than good, and are absolutely necessary in the heavyweight division. Maybe they're boring, but at least they provide the division with a solid champion. The reason I refer to them as one is because essentially they are fighting as a singe unit, keeping the bests in the family.

Where one fails, the other one succeeds.

Though no one's come close to beating either brother in a long time, it would be terribly naive to claim their competition is weak and underwhelming.

A dominating champion could always make any competition look unexciting (Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr.).