7 Reasons LeBron James Is Still Lead-Pipe Lock for MVP

Nick Hoffman@@nickhoffman5Contributor IIIApril 19, 2012

7 Reasons LeBron James Is Still Lead-Pipe Lock for MVP

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    The MVP, by definition, is the most valuable player. The most valuable player is someone that is essential to a team’s needs. LeBron James is on the most talented team in the NBA and is by far and away the most important player on it.

    James is a 6’8”, 250-pound freight train. He can play every position on the court. James can also defend every position on the court.

    I’m going to tell you why LeBron James is still your MVP.

Rare Statistics

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    When you look into LeBron James' stats from this year, you will see over 27 points per game, over seven boards and six assists a game. There have been 10 players in the history of the NBA to accomplish 25 points per game, five boards and five assists. James puts those numbers up with ease on a nightly basis.

Still Improving

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    James is currently having the best three-point shooting season of his career. He is also having the best field-goal percentage of his career. James is already one of the best offensive players in history, yet he is still finding ways to improve his game.

Model of Consistency

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    If you look at James' plus/minus statistics, you will see he is leading the league, again. James is leading the league by a wide margin too. The plus/minus tells us how important a player is, and James leads the league.

    James is also the most efficient player in the NBA. Since the 2007-2008 season, James has led the league in efficiency. There should be reward for that kind of consistency.

    A player who could eventually get into that sort of role as the most consistent player is Kevin Love. The reason Love isn’t a more serious MVP contender is because he hasn’t been this dominant before.

Elite Passer

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    If you want to compare Kevin Durant to LeBron James, there’s some areas that really favor James. The big difference is the assists per game. James is widely known for being the best passers in the league. James always seems to find angles and different lanes to pass the ball.

    James is averaging 6.5 assists per game, and Durant is only averaging 3.5. What makes the 6.5 assists per game so impressive is he is not a point guard. James currently ranks 17th in assists per game, but he ranks No. 1 in assists per game for players not classified as a point guard.

Scoring and Rebounding

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    Double-doubles are also area where James has been more dominant than Durant. James has had 22 double-doubles, while Durant has only had 16 double-doubles. Last season, James had 31 double-doubles, and Durant only had 14.

    James has been consistently in the top 20 in double-doubles, while Durant has yet to break the top 25 for double-doubles in a season.

Dominate on Both Ends

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    James is also getting it done on the defensive end of the court. He is currently third in the league in steals per game. When you are watching the Heat play and their opponent gets a fast break, you almost hope LeBron comes up from behind and blocks the shot. Not only is he explosive on the offensive end of the court, he brings people to their feet on the defensive end too.

Doing It All

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    James is currently leading the Heat in four statistical categories, while Kevin Durant is only leading the Thunder in two categories. James does it all for the Heat, while Durant is known for just scoring.

    LeBron James is by far the most dominant player in the league. James can literally control the game from both ends of the court. In today’s NBA, you won’t find a more complete player.