Jamie Moyer Will Give the Hall of Fame His Glove After He Breaks in a New One

Ian CasselberryMLB Lead WriterApril 18, 2012

You want Jamie Moyer's glove, Hall of Fame? You will have to wait for it.
You want Jamie Moyer's glove, Hall of Fame? You will have to wait for it.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I don't know about you, but I love hearing stories about baseball players and the relationships they have with their gloves. 

The National Baseball Hall of Fame has asked Jamie Moyer for the cap and glove he used in becoming the oldest pitcher to win a major-league game, according to the Denver Post's Troy Renck. But it wasn't as easy a request to oblige as you might think.

"Yes, they have asked for my cap and glove," Moyer told Renck. "The cap was easy, the glove I had to think about a little more. They will get my glove, but I have to have time to break in a new one first."

Don't mess with a player's glove, man. There's a special bond between the two. 

ESPN's Tim Kurkjian wrote a fun story about players and their gloves earlier in the week, talking to several guys about the care they put into their mitts.

Brandon Phillips, for instance, has five gloves in his locker, but only one is his true gamer. Darwin Barney only uses his game glove during a game because he doesn't want to make the pocket too deep. He has five gloves, too. That just fascinates me.

Only a player and his glove know when they're ready to take the field together. And don't ever—ever—put your hand in another man's glove. There will be blood.

(And I thought I was weird when I once yelled at someone for putting on my Birkenstock sandals. Hey, man—I got them molded just right to my feet.)

Hopefully, Renck keeps us updated on how long Moyer takes to break in his new glove and send the old one to Cooperstown. Some video accompaniment would be nice, too. 

Pardon what's basically an ad for Wilson ball gloves, but watching players get their gloves, go about breaking them in and talk about the specifications they prefer is good stuff. Actually, devote a chunk of your day or evening to watching Wilson's YouTube channel. Love for the glove!


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