Does Oakland Raiders' Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan Like Chess?

Dondi RaiderContributor IJanuary 24, 2009

Fast forward to January 2010.....The Raiders Defense finishes in the top 5 in overall, rush and pass defense.  Who’s the coordinator calling the D?  It doesn’t matter as long as it is a strategist and not a chess piece—specifically a pawn—of Al’s.

Let’s pause on that for a moment and define the two.  A strategist is a person skilled in designing and planning action and policy to achieve a major or overall aim. In Oakland that would be “Just Win Baby”.  A pawn is a peon, a powerless person. In Oakland, that would be the defensive coordinator. 

NFL games are won and lost in the second half and usually because one teams makes adjustments to what went wrong.  These adjustments force teams to do uncharacteristic things like turnovers and ultimately lose.

In the past, the Raiders had some of the best athletes and could win the one on one matchups most of the time.  That was then and unless there’s a new breed of superior athletes that want to be Raiders like the past, then it ain’t gonna happen. 

A strategist, who can make adjustments and mix up fronts and coverage’s to take advantages of other teams tendencies would be a refreshing change. 

Why doesn’t Al get tired like the rest of us watching others expose our weaknesses and tendencies?   As a fan since the “Sea of Hands” game in 1974, I have supported the Raiders and will continue to do so. Some call it stupidity, other loyalty. 

I guess 2010 will tell us if the Raiders bring in a new strategist.  It will also tell us if Rob Ryan likes chess.