(Too) Short Shorts vs. (Too) Long Shorts: The 6 Worst NBA Fads of All-Time

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIApril 19, 2012

(Too) Short Shorts vs. (Too) Long Shorts: The 6 Worst NBA Fads of All-Time

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    The NBA has been around for a long time and has suffered through its fair share of fads. But some have been much, much worse than others.

    While many are long gone nowadays, many other fads still have the NBA and its fans, coaches and players under their thumbs. One day, we'll be free from these tyrannical forces of mob culture.

    Until then, all we can do is fight the good fight against the bad fads we still suffer from and take hope from the ones that have already been defeated. Here are the six worst fads in NBA history.


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    Twitter can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be very informative. Too informative at times for a figure, like a professional basketball player, who is already in the limelight constantly. We often hear of athletes who divulge too much information or the wrong type of information over Twitter.

    This isn't a fad that is exclusive to the NBA at all. In fact, it is something that every single person must be conscious of in today's times of instant media sharing and the set-in-stone record of the Internet. Being a professional athlete just makes it worse. 

Short Shorts

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    I'm sorry, but those short shorts in the NBA absolutely had to go. We laugh at those pictures now, but the truth is that the NBA had those longer than it has been without them. The majority of NBA history has worn those short shorts.

    Still, I'm glad to see them gone. No man, not even the best athlete in the world, needs to be showing that much leg to that many viewers each and every game. 

Long Shorts

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    A sort of rebound against the previous fad of short shorts was one of extremely long ones. This one is still around some in our society, but it does seem to have been curtailed in the NBA ranks.

    Just like no man should show the amount of leg that short shorts allowed, no man should be wearing shorts long enough to be a dress either. Neither of those is a good idea.

Hi-Top Fade

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    This might be the most controversial part of this list. Many have fond memories of the hi-top fade, whether they had one themselves or just admired those of others. It became pretty popular in the NBA for awhile, and Brandon Jennings has even brought it back a bit recently.

    I get the emotional attachment and all, but I'm not buying the haircut. It looks like you are trying to grow a handle out of your skull or like you are the world's biggest fan of Gumby. Neither of those is the NBA I want my future children watching.

Stall Era

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    Back in the early 1950s, the NBA didn't have a shot clock. So, teams would hold the ball for as long as possible, hoping to keep the score low and win. While it was a very effective strategy, it didn't do much to make games exciting.

    So in 1954, the league instituted the 24-second shot clock that we have today. Even as a guy who likes good defense, I couldn't bear to watch the game back then. Truthfully, the shot clock has probably made both offenses and defenses better. At any rate, the game isn't boring anymore, which I think is definitely something we can all get behind.

Perceived "Softness" of Non-American Players

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    This is a fad of thinking that still tends to pervade the NBA and its sphere today. Guys like Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol and even Yao Ming have all been hailed as great players during their NBA careers. However, they've also been accused of being soft. It seems to have more to do with their backgrounds than it should. The fact that all of them were extremely skilled offensively apparently hurts them as well.

    This fad could probably even be considered a prejudice, and I'll be glad when we all stop thinking this way. Just because a guy isn't thick and brutish doesn't mean that he can't play the game at a high and tough level.