Vinny Curry: 6 Traits That Make NFL Draft Prospect an Ideal Pro

Vincent Frank@VincentFrankNFLCorrespondent IApril 19, 2012

Vinny Curry: 6 Traits That Make NFL Draft Prospect an Ideal Pro

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    Color me excited about this article. I now get to focus on one of my favorite defensive players from the entire 2012 NFL draft

    Of course I am talking about Vinny Curry of Marshall. The standout defensive end has consistently impressed me on tape and in game with what he can do on the football field as a pass-rusher. 

    This is someone that projects to be able to acquire double-digit sacks on a consistent basis in the National Football League. 

    Today's article is going to give you six reasons why I believe that Curry is going to be an ideal player in the NFL moving forward. 

6. Scheme Versatile

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    Despite the fact that Vinny Curry played with his hands down at defensive end in college, he does have the ability to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. 

    He possesses the athleticism, field awareness and frame to drop back into coverage when asked to. This is what separates Curry from a whole host of other pass-rushers in the draft that don't have the same capability. 

    It is the difference between being a two-down pass-rush specialist and an every-down player at the next level. He will make an immediate impact going after the quarterback early, but also has the ability to help out in other aspects of the game. 

    This is one of the primary reasons that I have a first-round grade on the talented defensive player. 

5. Initial Burst

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    Vinny Curry possesses a great initial burst at the line of scrimmage. This enables him to keep the blockers off balance early in the play and bull past them in relatively short order. 

    I noticed Curry being able to beat offensive linemen off the snap before even having to use one of his many different pass-rush moves. 

    What this does is create an advantage from the outside and enables him to get into the offensive backfield on a consistent basis. 

    Curry probably possesses the best initial burst in the draft outside of Melvin Ingram, and that is saying something. 

4. Consistency

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    You are not going to see Vinny Curry take plays off in the NFL. Instead, the Marshall product goes 100 percent all the time. This is another aspect of his game that separates the defensive end from the rest of the draft class. 

    Blockers are going to have to be consistently on their game every single play. If not, the quarterback is going to see himself eating grass a large majority of the time. 

    Look at game film on Quinton Coples compared to Curry and tell me which one was more productive on a consistent basis. 

    I am pretty sure you would go with that latter. 

3. All-Around Game

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    Vinny Curry isn't just a pass-rush specialist. As I mentioned in a previous slide, he is going to be a three-down player at the next level. 

    The talented defensive end prospect is able to stuff the run as well as go after the quarterback. He recognizes the offensive formation and adjusts his game plan accordingly. 

    Moreover, Curry acts as a captain in the front seven of the defense, which is another added benefit of his game. This is a prospect that is not going to struggle against the run; he will not over-pursue on certain plays and take himself out of the game. 

    Instead, I am talking about a prospect that can make plays throughout the duration of the game no matter what the offense calls. 

    That is hard to come by in terms of a rookie out of college. 

2. Production

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    Vinny Curry accumulated double-digit sacks in each of his last two seasons at Marshall. He brings the heat every single play, which is an indication of the consistency and production he'll have at the next level. 

    If Curry is on the field a majority of the time next season, he will definitely record double-digit sacks. You just cannot ask for much more than that from a rookie. 

1. Pass Rush

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    Some say that Vinny Curry has a limited pass-rush mix. While this might be true to an extent, the two pass-rush moves that he does use are extraordinary. 

    Curry can bull rush opposing blockers with the best of them. Once he gets them off balance with that initial burst, he goes full speed ahead, consistently throwing them into the offensive backfield. 

    More so, Curry possesses a solid swim move on the outside and has the speed to get to the quarterback that way. 

    He doesn't have to just bull rush the opposing blocker. He can go around him with that athleticism and get to the quarterback before he releases the ball. 

    Overall, Curry is probably one of the top three pure pass-rushers in the entire 2012 draft.