Boston Hysteria: Is It Code Red for the Red Sox Yet?

Andres CordobaContributor IIIApril 18, 2012

Daniel Bard and other questions surround this years Boston Red Sox season
Daniel Bard and other questions surround this years Boston Red Sox season

18-3—18-3, that was the final score of the Red Sox vs. Rangers game last night. Sadly for Red Sox fans it wasn't the good guys who won. The Rangers dished out 18 runs behind an incredible 21 hits and an amazing six, yes six, home runs.

After the game ended, Red Sox fans were forced to face the painful truth—we are 4-7 and in last place of the hardest division in baseball. The lowest ERA on our team is held by Daniel Bard, which is a dismal 4.63.

This season for the Red Sox is arguably the most important in years as they are trying to erase the memories of an awful September and get a fresh start with a new manager in Bobby Valentine. Unfortunately, after the bad start, the only thing on everybody's mind is the past—like would this be happening if Francona was managing, should the Red Sox have matched the Phillies offer for Papelbon and why can't Daniel Bard remain a closer like he was occasionally last year?

So the big question is, is it time to panic and should Boston fans start ditching their Red Sox jerseys in exchange for their Patriots jerseys in hope of another Super Bowl run? The answer? We don't know.

Bobby Valentine is a manager most well-known for sneaking into a game after being ejected wearing a fake mustache and winning a championship while managing the Chiba Lotte Marines of the Japanese Pacific League. In his MLB career, the man has managed a team in first place in their division for an incredible one day.

So why was he hired to take over the reins of one of the most historic teams in MLB with one of the most rabid and loud fan bases?

With the AL being stacked with talented teams and players like the Rangers, Angels, Tigers and Yankees, as ell as Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, Bobby Valentine must be realizing quickly and harshly that managing a MLB team with such high expectations is not at all like managing a Japanese league team whose logo is a baby duckling.

So, maybe we should start panicking, maybe we're in for a long and awful year full of losing, heartbreak and fake mustaches, or maybe Bobby V finds it in himself to turn the team into a contender and make the playoffs for the first time since 2009. Whatever it is, it's going to be interesting—very interesting.