Why I Enjoy The Canadian Football League

Kyle WhitelyContributor IJanuary 24, 2009

Growing up in Canada, there are three basic things that you will enjoy: Maple syrup, the NHL, and CFL.

Yes, the Canadian Football League.

Why you ask? Well, let me begin.

First things, first. It is Canadian. There is also the import/non-import ratio, having at least 21 Canadian-born, or Canadian-trained players.

With the explosion of the CIS Football program, colleges and universities should keep pumping out great players every year.

The second reason is that I find there to be more passing then running in the CFL. Yes, you need a successful running game to win, but I would rather watch a game with more passing then running.

Third is the three-down rule. This, again, means more passing then running. Like I previously said, I enjoy that more.

With three downs, the tempo of the game is always high, and players are always moving up the field, rather then going out of bounds.

Fourth, the media coverage. When it comes to TSN and Sportsnet the coverage of the CFL is incredible, from the pre-game, right down to Grey Cup week.

In Canada, the Grey Cup is basically an unofficial holiday. Plus, when you get to watch every regular season game, you can't get enough of the CFL.

The fifth and the final reason would be the rivalry between the teams. Every single team in the league has a rival with each other.

From Toronto and Saskatchewan, and Montreal and B.C. It just seems like every week during the regular season, every games always brings something new to the table.


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