WWE Real Talk: The Miz Deserves Another Championship Run

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIApril 18, 2012

He doesn't come to play, get out of his way. Image by Youtube
He doesn't come to play, get out of his way. Image by Youtube

Since WrestleMania XXVIII, John Laurinaitis has been the sole general manager of Raw and Smackdown.

Who is the man that scored the pin and the ultimate victory? The Miz.

Who is the one that is 3-0 at the show of shows? The Miz.

Who is the superstar to receive a most valuable payment for services rendered? The Miz.


Real Talk! 

The Awesome One will definitely receive a title match in the future, and he is most deserving of it.

In winning on April 1, he not only won a huge match for him and his boss, but he also emancipated himself from that terrible losing streak he had been on for weeks. It was all for a reason, of course, that much is certain, but the WWE Universe still has yet to learn why.

Now this title match and subsequent win will not come until all the cards are in the right place. For starters, should there be an annual draft this coming Monday, look for The Miz to transfer to Friday nights.

It will be beneficial for him in the long run and it will be a great place to develop his character further without the encumbering presence of one John Cena, whom I loath for having stolen the title from the Chick Magnet one year ago.

John Laurinaitis is now a big shot. He may be able to say this and do that, but he owes The Miz. They have been seen talking business on Raw lately and great things are going to happen.

CM Punk is the WWE Champion and Sheamus the World Heavyweight Champion, this is perfect since both are seen as good guys right now. The general manager can easily slither in a more-than-willing Miz anytime, anywhere. Call it an impromptu MITB cash-in.

Vince McMahon did it before with Batista and it succeeded. The Awesome One is way cooler than The Animal—I mean, come on!

It may be difficult to figure out how he can fit in this time as a World Champion, but even if it would be a transitional reign, it would be a reign, nonetheless. I hardly see the WHC existing much longer anyway; it's time has come and gone, so I could really go for Miz being one of the last remaining holders of that WCW relic.

As a true Mizfit, I strongly agree that it is time for a change with our guy. Whether little or significant, his character has reached its zenith and hitting the refresh button would only do him wonders. Taking some time away on purpose could also be a great way to sneak him out of sight and back in with a vengeance.

Too bad Maryse isn't around anymore. It still puzzles me why they weren't paired up on screen. They could have become some sort of modern-day Randy and Liz or Edge and Lita.

Out of character, the French-Canadian goddess comes off as a sweet girl, and Mike Mizanin seems like a genuinely fun person to be with. All of that could have transferred well on television. 

Back to the point, though, something huge must be stirring in the mind of Laurinaitis, and if he truly is a man of his word like he says, then it will be payment time soon.

The Awesome One may already have negotiated something sinister and if not, he should demand nothing less than an assured World Championship victory.

It is not too much to ask I think. A title match, a title win and a match versus The Great One himself somewhere down the line. This is peanuts, pocket change!

I am a believer and that...was Real Talk!