Stephon Marbury Not Feeling The Love

William HungContributor IJanuary 24, 2009

The Stephon Marbury saga, which ranges from LA to NY, might last a little longer yet. The talk all this week was about the Olympiakos, the New York Yankees of Greece, of having an interest in the banished guard. However, that ended early Friday when Jannero Pargo became the front runner. The reason is because Pargo has more European experience. I think it's because the Olympiakos just did not want to deal with Marbury's buyout with the Knicks.

For what it's worth, Marbury did offer to return $1 million. I personally think $1 mil does not make up for: 1) Turning his back on Larry Brown and then Isiah Thomas, 2) Isolating teammates, 3) The Anucha Browne Sanders case, 4) Never winning. I think just for #3 and #4 alone, Marbury owes the Knicks at least half of his remaining contract. Then again, he might pull the Sprewell excuse of "having to feed his kids."