Calvin Johnson Visits SportsNation Set and Breaks Catch Record

Nick KostoraContributor IIIApril 18, 2012

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is known across the NFL for his ability to make spectacular and sometimes improbable catches.

While making the rounds of ESPN shows, Johnson stopped by the program SportsNation and attempted to break the show record of 12 footballs caught and held onto.

This may not be anything more than a fun offseason activity for Johnson, but seeing this side of him can't help but put him in a good light with the American public who don't often hear from the soft-spoken wideout.

During the 90-second exercise "Megatron" was rather creative in his attempts to stash the balls in his clothing.

Even in this playful gag Johnson managed to show his determination to win.

Catching the passes from show host Colin Cowherd, Johnson managed to break the previous show record by catching an astonishing 16 balls.