UFC 145 Results: Mac Danzig Defeats Efrain Escudero

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2012

Mac Danzig has defeated Efrain Escudero at UFC 145.

This was a much-needed victory for Danzig, as he most likely saved his job in the UFC. Danzig had lost five of his previous seven fights, and if he had fallen to Escudero, it could have been the end of him in UFC. 

Danzig is six years older than Escudero, but he made sure he took care of business, lifting his spirits in a major way. 

There wasn't a lot of hype to this fight since it was just on the preliminary card, but the bout still packed a solid punch.

With this loss, it continues Escudero's struggles in the UFC. He hasn't won a UFC fight since 2010. 

While Danzig is feeling good about the win, it certainly isn't a victory worth praising for too long. Like most of his wins, Danzig was able to get the job done against another low-to-mid-level fighter. 

There's nothing special about Escudero, which means a loss for Danzig would have really been a crushing blow. 

Danzig was able to pull it together to get the win, though, and now he'll keep striving to improve so he can one day get a shot at the title. 

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