Tiger May Set New Benchmark

David KingContributor IMarch 1, 2008

I think we are so lucky to witness Tiger Woods displaying one of the greatest athletic performances of all time.  And the performance that I am referring to stretches over many years and potentially many more years to come.

He has not surpassed one of the all time greatest achievements; the number of majors that Jack has won, at the top tier level anyway (If you count all of Tiger's national titles going back to Junior golf he may have more.)  It's likely just a matter of time as long as he stays healthy and has no unusual set backs in his golfing career.

Some are getting bored with him winning most of the time and the other players seem to be playing for second place in the tournaments Tiger plays.  I say it's just so interesting to watch Tiger go after the challenge of winning every time he plays.  And also to see the occasional great match that one of his many fierce competitors is able to give him from time to time. 

There will come a day when we see another golfer with these same capabilities, I believe.  However that is also one of the fascinating aspects of watching this life long journey he is on to become the greatest golfer of all time.  Even if someone does come along who is better, as Tiger seems to be better than the past greats, will the next phenomenal golfer experience the longevity of absolute dominant success?  Will that next great golfer come along in time to play head to head against Tiger?

It will be fun to watch over the next 50 or so years.