WWE Diva Diagnosis: Women's Division Hits New Low on Live SmackDown Special

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIApril 18, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The WWE Divas division didn’t matter before WrestleMania, and it hasn’t mattered since then.

For those reasons, I didn’t think that it could get any worse. After watching last week’s live SmackDown “special,” it’s pretty clear that I was wrong, though. 

It’s not like I expected much out of the Divas on that show, and in fact, I’m beginning to care even less about women’s wrestling than I already do (if that’s possible). But what we got was an utter disgrace. 

Aside from anything involving AJ and Daniel Bryan, the only thing we got out of the Divas on last week’s SmackDown was a six-person mixed tag team match that featured Natalya, Alicia Fox and The Great Khali taking on Drew McIntyre and the Bella Twins. 

I think McIntyre said it best: “I’m better than this.”

Well, maybe he should have changed it do “we deserve better than this” because we do. This “match” was a complete disaster. 

It featured—what?—maybe like two offensive moves and ended after about 30 seconds when Alicia Fox got the pin on one of the Bellas. I believe it was Nikki, but let’s be honest—it doesn’t really matter which one it was.  

The purpose of this match?

Well, the victory for Khali, Natalya and Alicia led to a segment where Khali made out with Mae Young as the team celebrated the victory. Yes, the WWE held a six-person mixed tag team match all so a 7' giant who can’t even wrestle could kiss a woman who’s gotta be close to 100 years old by now. 

This was obviously the WWE’s attempt at “comedy,” but it was really just another disappointing showing for the Divas division. 

The quick loss for the Bellas was probably done because they’re expected to leave the company soon, but this is just the latest pathetic booking on part of the creative team. 

As McIntyre said, we deserve something better than this, and so do the women involved who actually want to make a living as professional wrestlers. 

Natalya is one of the best female wrestlers in the world, and Alicia is pretty talented in her own right. Yet, they were both treated like throwaway comedy figures here. 

No one cares about these women like they should, and it all can be traced back to the creative team that puts forth a disgraceful effort when it comes to almost any booking of the Divas. 

There are only two Divas currently on the main roster, Eve Torres and AJ, who have distinguishable characters, while the only difference between the rest of the Divas is the way they look. 

I’m not asking for Divas to get 20 minutes of TV time or to main event Raw, but it would nice to see them used for something other than a terrible segment between two people who shouldn’t even be on TV anymore.


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