What Makes Randy Orton Special?

Giorgi DolidzeCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2009

I'm Orton's fan, but I do prefer some other wrestlers, like Batista, Triple H, and Undertaker. But I have to agree that Orton is special.

There are few things that make him special


1) His age

He is so young and we can already say that he is on the same level as some legends who are already old and are on the final steps of their careers (Undertaker is one of the greatest but he will retire in few years. Stone Cold, one of the greatest as well and he has already ended his career as a wrestler and so on).


2) His skill

Orton is a great athlete. He is very fast. Randy's got a lot of moves. His punt in head can be called the most dangerous and realistic move in the whole WWE. I love to see Orton perform his RKO.

3) His attitude

No one can say that Orton is predictable. after his return he has changed everything in this business. Orton changed title holders. He injured Batista, created legacy, a stable of the future in my opinion, he punted the chairman!!!! One of the most unpredictable and interesting things in WWE for years.


4) His age again

I don't see anybody who can stop him after the older wrestlers slowly start to retire. when WWE roster will get refreshed he will be the real leader with huge experience on his side and don't forget the legacy. This stable will be the leading power of WWE and as far as Orton is the leader, he has got all the power in the world to whatever he wants.


But everything can change. Batista will return and there is a draft coming by his return, so it's up to WWE to decide its future. All we can do is watch, enjoy, and analyze.