2012 MLB Draft: Finalized Draft Order and Teams with Multiple 1st-Round Picks

Mike Rosenbaum@GoldenSombreroMLB Prospects Lead WriterApril 18, 2012

The 2012 MLB First-Year Player Draft will be held June 4-6
The 2012 MLB First-Year Player Draft will be held June 4-6

On Tuesday afternoon, Major League Baseball released the finalized order for the 2012 First-Year Player Draft. Spanning three days, Day 1 of the draft begins on Monday, June 4 and will air live on both the MLB Network and MLB.com at 7 p.m. ET. 

This year’s draft is likely to have a much different feel than in previous years, given the MLB’s new collective bargaining agreement. Basically, every team has been given a pool of money that will be used to sign its draft picks in the first 10 rounds—and there won’t be any leniency.

If a team spends beyond its assigned pool of money, it faces harsh consequences ranging from fines to the potential loss of future draft picks.

Therefore, teams will be forced to use their money efficiently and will be unable to offer the usual well-above-slot signing bonuses. In turn, it is expected that more players will ultimately honor their college scholarships, as the draft has also been whittled down to only 40 rounds.

As in previous years, the Day 1 coverage includes the entire first round, including the first compensation/sandwich round, with each team allotted five minutes between picks.

Coverage resumes via conference call at noon on Tuesday, June 5 for Rounds 2 through 15. And finally, on June 6, the draft will conclude with Rounds 16 through 40.

The organizations with the top five picks are as follows: Houston Astros, Minnesota Twins, Seattle Mariners, Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals.

To get an idea of how the draft breaks down, here is a look at the entire draft order—including compensation picks—for the first round on June 4: 

1.  Houston Astros

2.  Minnesota Twins

3.  Seattle Mariners

4.  Baltimore Orioles

5.  Kansas City Royals

6.  Chicago Cubs

7.  San Diego Padres

8.  Pittsburgh Pirates

9.  Miami Marlins

10.  Colorado Rockies

11.  Oakland Athletics

12.  New York Mets

13.  Chicago White Sox

14.  Cincinnati Reds

15.  Cleveland Indians

16.  Washington Nationals

17.  Toronto Blue Jays

18.  Los Angeles Dodgers

19.  St. Louis Cardinals (compensation for failing to sign Albert Pujols)

20.  San Francisco Giants

21.  Atlanta Braves

22.  Toronto Blue Jays (compensation for failing to sign 2011 draft pick Tyler Beede)

23.  St. Louis Cardinals

24.  Boston Red Sox

25.  Tampa Bay Rays

26.  Arizona Diamondbacks

27.  Milwaukee Brewers (compensation for failing to sign Prince Fielder)

28.  Milwaukee Brewers

29.  Texas Rangers

30.  New York Yankees

31.  Boston Red Sox (compensation for failing to sign Jonathan Papelbon)


Compensation Round A (player that team failed to sign in parentheses)

32.  Minnesota Twins (Michael Cuddyer—Rockies)

33.  San Diego Padres (Heath Bell—Marlins)

34.  Oakland Athletics (Josh Willingham—Twins)

35.  New York Mets (Jose Reyes—Marlins)

36.  St. Louis Cardinals (Albert Pujols—Angels)

37.  Boston Red Sox (Papelbon—Phillies)

38.  Milwaukee Brewers (Fielder—Tigers)

39.  Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson—Angels)

40.  Philadelphia Phillies (Ryan Madson—Reds)

41.  Houston Astros (Clint Barmes—Pirates)

42.  Minnesota Twins (Jason Kubel—Diamondbacks)

43.  Chicago Cubs (Aramis Ramirez—Brewers)

44.  San Diego Padres (Aaron Harang—Dodgers)

45.  Pittsburgh Pirates (Ryan Doumit—Twins)

46.  Colorado Rockies (Mark Ellis—Dodgers)

47.  Oakland Athletics (David DeJesus—Cubs)

48.  Chicago White Sox (Mark Buehrle—Marlins)

49.  Cincinnati Reds (Ramon Hernandez—Rockies)

50.  Toronto Blue Jays (Frank Francisco—Mets)

51.  Los Angeles Dodgers (Rod Barajas—Pirates)

52.  Texas Rangers (Darren Oliver—Blue Jays)

53.  St. Louis Cardinals (Octavio Dotel—Tigers)

54.  Philadelphia Phillies (Raul Ibanez—Yankees)

55.  San Diego Padres (B. Austin—unsigned)

56.  Chicago Cubs (Carlos Pena—Rays)

57.  Cincinnati Reds (Francisco Cordero—Blue Jays)

58.  Toronto Blue Jays (Jon Rauch—Mets)

59.  St. Louis Cardinals (Edwin Jackson—Nationals)

60.  Toronto Blue Jays (Jose Molina—Rays)


Here is a list of the teams with multiple first-round draft picks, including their selections in the sandwich round:

Toronto Blue Jays: 17, 22, 50, 58, 60

St. Louis Cardinals: 19, 23, 36, 53, 59

Boston Red Sox: 24, 31, 37

Milwaukee Brewers: 27, 28, 38 


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